Thursday, July 5, 2012

Anna Sui Lip Rouge G (Glossy) 301

Hi gurls!

Anna Sui is here and it's like love at first sight for everything with Anna Sui, from the packaging, products, ingredients, colors and story.... Story? Yes! Apparently there's always a story in every item. How the powder's case just like the packaging or her mom's beauty box when she is little, how the purple color is her memory from her 7th birthday cake. For Anna Sui, each and every item is special and made with a purpose.

Let's see their lipstick now shall we ^__^ this product is one of Anna's favorite.

Details from

Experience lip color that is tantalizing and naturally glossy without the stickiness!  Glides on smoothly like never before, with 15 shades to juice up your style. Princess-ly Glossed Lips - To show off your shade of the day color choice almost effortlessly.  

Available in 15 shades.

Mine is in 301 mix of rose and pink I think

Look at the luxurious packaging with all the details, lovely isn't it? For me it's like a stalk of rose.

Here's what lies inside, a beautiful rose pinkish colored lipstick. The smell of a tea rose are easily noticeable and gorgeousness unraveled. Let's see the video of me using it.

Did you noticed my makeup, it is all done by Beauty Trainer of Anna Sui Indonesia. From the superb flawless base makeup, liquid foundation, loose powder, rose cheek, eye colors, brow colors, mascara and so many more ^^ I'll share with you on my next post okay ^0^ stay tune!

Review of the lipstick? It shows the color accordingly, indeed without any stickiness but whole lot of gloss that ones can fall in love in an instant. I love how smooth it felt and the tea rose is a bonus too. A day in the park where flowers are blooming as the set would be your wonderful settings. Now I really want to try 305 (like ruby) and 200 (purple/violet).


  1. packagingnya bagus bgt ya ce >.< warnanya jg bagus :D

  2. Iya Rin ^^ super cuper cute, niat abis packagingnya \^0^/