Monday, July 16, 2012

Candy Doll Makeup Base SPF 30

Morning!!! Good Day!!! or Evening!!

Wherever you are, I hope you all in tip top condition ^^

I'm here with one of Japan's lovable brand and famous all around the world, yes it is Candy Doll!

Series of base, powder, color and tones, I'm giving you the Makeup Base in 01. Inside they also have SPF 30 so I recommend the product to be used on the day time so you'll get this complete set of benefit. For night time, please use the Liquid Foundation... Click HERE.

Now, let's talk about the base shall we?!

Details from

In this one, there skill base they can cut skin tone UP · skincare · UV cover uneven-pores.
to face a glamorous and ultra-fine silver pearl
the base of the van der, of course, the day of rest is the aim of natural beauty look at this base only?
Three points

     ● One ultra-fine silver pearl tone up skin color!
     moist-plump beauty ingredients
     protect the skin to prevent freckles caused by sunburn or stains (SPF30)

This is my before face= cleanse, toned, serum, and moisturizer already sits in.

With a cleaned hand, I put half of the package and it is more than enough to the whole face (more than enough means all the way to the neck)

This is a video of me using it, I hope you find it useful ^^

And my after face. A more even toned skin and compared to the Liquid Foundation the Make Up Base is lighter and more comfortable to the skin, but don't worry both are comfortable, it's just one is more than the other since the texture is lighter.

The SPF is definitely another point and no more excuse for not protecting your skin from the bad effect of a long term sun rays exposure since now there's this wonderful all in one base.

After using Make Up Base SPF 30 I put on some loose powder and colors ^^ and I'm ready for the day!

The coverage is okay, even out the skin tone, no more visible pores, no more acne marks and add a hint of pink glow on the skin.
It stays on my skin for a half day (more than 8 hours) which is exactly what I need.

Recommended? Yes!

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