Friday, July 27, 2012

ULINX Charm Bracelets and A Sponsored Giveaway

Hi all!

I'm here with a splendid jolly good news \^0^/

I got my first ULINX

What is ULINX?

Yes, ULINX is a Jewelry with magnetic personality. Kindly read it here for more details and information:

And couple weeks ago they contacted me and offering a sponsored giveaway, and it's worldwide too woo hoo!

So stay with me and I'll let you know how to win one.

After a week of delivery, yesterday, I've received my bracelet, it is a customized for me and by me too ^__^ ULINX is just superb. The winner of the giveaway also able to made their own as well. In fact all ULINX's customer can design their own bracelet and use it however they please.

The charms right now have around 54 charms to be mixed and match. I've choose mine from the LUX and Classic Collection.

Open the site and after choosing the design, click the charms you want and drag it to your bracelets. You can have it as simple as choosing the available designs or like me, choose them personally one by one.

I called mine "The Never Boring Summer", the colors and shades I choose represent summer, a lot of sunset aura and some bold pink from the fruits and flowers in the summer

Mine is worth around USD 62.65 and with the delivery (worldwide) USD19.95 = USD 82.6, heehee, thank you ULINX

And the reason why I want it in many colors and in that specific design is that, I know that the magnetic charms are so easy to detach and re-attached, creating more style which is suitable for the most conventional to the contemporary.

The magnet are strong alright, so don't worry, it won't suddenly detached from you without your will. And do use it wisely and not purposely attached them to your credit card, watch, etc. It is okay to be use near those magnetic sensitivity items, but use common sense ya ^^

For those with medical devices, please keep it away from the bracelet, ULINX is safe for you but maybe not for your medical device.

And since the bracelet are all made individually, they can be detached from each other, giving me endless possibilities when using it alone or all at once. For my wrist the bracelet is very long but can easily made into something that fits like second skin or a loose accessory. Some people even made it into a ring. 

Playing with ULINX for me is very fun and I never look at accessory the same way again. Instead of this boring one item, ULINX can be changed daily and suits my dynamic lifestyle. Sometime I like it plain while on some days I like it colorful and draws attention.

The choice of colors in ULINX also liberating, no matter what outfit I'm in, they are always IN, from a very matchy matchy day to block colors. Awesome!

Here are some of the inspiration and yes, you've seen them alright! Many celebrities have used it and they look fab! I read many praises and adoration from them.

And now you can be one of them!

We (ULINX and me) are giving you a chance to win one of your own! You can design a bracelet with your own creativity or choose the one that existed and inspire you. The delivery cost for the winner ... also FREE! Hooray! So you get a bracelet and it will be shipped to your home, wherever it is, yes, a worldwide giveaway! Let's say it together, thank you so much ULINX!


How to win it?

Very easy, follow these steps:

1. Be a follower of my blog
2. Like my Facebook page, click ---> HERE  (this is needed since I'll announced the winner on my facebook page)
3. Comment on this post of who are these famous person who used ULINX, there are so many, you only need to mention one. Hint: They are on ULINX official website.
4. Create your own bracelet on the web , you may want to register first (also FREE), and then email the design to me: with your name, email, country and name of your design.

After you made your design, in the ULINX website there's an option to send your design via email then add some data.

Example: Carnellin,, Indonesia and The Never Boring Sunset.

Where later I'll publish your designs on my facebook page. So, after 2 days you should be able to find your design on my facebook page, if it's not there, please do send me again, just in case there's a glitch.

The winner will be chosen base on creativity in designing their bracelet and naming it and adding a few word of why that designs means to the creator, will add some bonus points ^__^

The contest is ON from now until 5th of August 2012. So, yes, there's not much time, so hurry and participate!

There's only 1 winner worldwide
ULINX and me are not responsible for any lost mails or any mishaps during the giveaway.
So everyone, please behave and play fair ^__^


  1. Skyler Samuels wears it :)

    anyway, I didn't see the option for sending via email. Which page I should go first?

  2. Hi Qiela,

    Please do read carefully on the instruction I give above which is create your design first then, at the

    On their below (left side) there's:

    Click on the SHARE button.

    Still didn't see it? Hmm... haha sorry, I can't help you. Others can see it.

    1. silly me, I didn't notice that before. thank youuu :)

  3. Haha, it's okay, I've received your design just now and will publish it on my facebook page.