Thursday, July 19, 2012

L'Oreal Paris True Match Make Up Base

Hi all!

Today I'm going to share a lot of posts ^^ let's start with the base shall we?!

It's L'Oreal true match make-up base moist up

A glifing texture that covers imperfections for an even homogenous complexion, leaving your skin hydrated and makes your make up finish more beautiful all day

The product is not new, so it's been around for a while, I got mine years ago and haven't open or use it until now.  The texture is mildly rich, a bit light and easy to blend in plus there's no residue of leftover at the skin surface. So it's pretty comfortable, not sticky, not oily and there's almost no scent in it. It gives the skin that luminous glow. Don't forget to use it after done with the skincare routine. The color is nude and similar to the skin, and it should be able to blend on any skin tone.

Make up base is used before any makeup put on the face, but if you use SPF protection, you also applied it before the make up base.

Since it is moist up, it clears that the product is made for a moist dewy look. But don't worry the look can be easily mattefy by adding loose powder with matte effect later on when finishes. The true match make-up base is made for a more natural look. Please refer to my before after look below.

As seen above the After shot is not that moist, the make-up base helps the skin tone looks more even, more glowing and looks better. Suitable to be used daily and follow on with your foundation for a more coverage or just a loose powder for a light base.

This product is more suitable for those looking for a very light and natural coverage and better complexion overall. Can be used all over the body as well (let's say on your wedding day) for added glow and even tone skin.

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