Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beautiful Nutrient Nourishing Makeup SPF 15

Hello everyone!

Another product from Ultima II is here and I'm going to give you a short review, hmm, why short? You'll find out soon.

This is the product, you can easily read the details photograph in the packaging ^__^ click on the image if you wish to see it in larger view.
And I got mine in Aurora Beige shade which is too dark for me  . . . now you know why the review is short, but doesn't meant I can't have fun with it heehee!

A bit warning, the liquid is watery and the packaging doesn't reminds you of how liquid it is and this is a real spill. It's not creamy nor thick, so in a way actually it is suitable to be placed inside a bottle like this. Just remember to tilt it a bit only and not go all the way, like I did haha ^0^

I did wish I get my shade, but hey, I've gotta use the one I have. And I still can use it, if I want a tan look, see it below:

Yep, the coverage is quite okay and easy to blend. It's just too dark for me. I look like I've just having a sun bath. But it does covers the large pores and uneven skin tone. A bit tips for me, if you happen to have a foundation that was too dark, you can always use it as a shading material. Use it under the cheek bones (below the blush on area) and the darker shade will create a slimmer face.

The SPF is low, so it's not that significant, but I guess it's better than none at all. The texture is liquid but still felt rich but comfortable when gliding on the skin. Easy to blend with fingers or brush and sponges too. There is a faint musk scent in it but it wont be a problem to anyone.

Overall, a pleasing foundation for daily use. Top it off with loose powder and you are ready for some colors, or if you need a more coverage (like for a photoshoots or some sort) add some pressed powder and then loose powder. There is a bit of talc in the foundation so it does help mattefying your look. Will it stay long hours? Around 5-6 hours in normal condition, not when you're joining a marathon.

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