Friday, July 13, 2012

Candy Doll Powder Foundation 01

Hi all!

A few month ago, Candy Doll Singapore sent me some of the products and now let me share with you one of the items which is called Candy Doll Powder Foundation 01.

Details from

Tightly cover the pores and redness and dad to be smeared Innovation busy morning, also to make when you go out again!
KEEP beautiful skin Formulated with Long Lasting Powder is also in close contact with your skin fit me fine powder without floating powder, sebum and sweat is a concern!
120% attention in vivid CUTE case with mirror and sponge marshmallow ☆ ★

Three points

     ● Cover solid pores and redness in the paint people!
     float without fine powder in the powder, preventing the collapse in the formulation & Long Lasting Powder tight seal
     ● ♪ easily re-tail with mirror & sponge marshmallow

Before I use my skincare as usual and then followed by a BB Base from other brand. And I use a brush all over the plate of powder given, and apparently the small amount is enough for the whole face for one use. As seen on the after picture the skin become smoother, matte and ready for the day without looking oily and uneven. The powder stays with me almost the whole day, but please do be careful not to sweat until the powder sets as it might look a bit blotchy on the area where the pores are bigger (like nose and upper cheeks).