Tuesday, July 10, 2012

LUX Magical Spell

Hello everyone!

Last week I was invited by LUX and the event which I thought going to be something ordinary has become so special and meaningful for me.

I've been a fan of perfume and anything that smells wonderful as long as I can remember and now a toiletries that able to capture that wonderful and gorgeous scent of fine fragrances is here, with a fraction of a cost from a very expensive soaps out there.

Details about LUX:

About Lux
Lux has been composing beauty products since 1925, when it launched the world's first mass-market beauty soap, “made like the costliest French soap”. Since then, it has been associated with over 400 of the world’s most glamorous celebrities from Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe to Aishwarya Rai and Shu Qi, to become the world’s best selling soap bar, delighting women in over 100 countries every day.

Lux believes that beauty doesn’t have to be about hard work but rather, about pleasure – from the moment you step into the shower, the great feelings it creates to the fun you can have with the attention you get afterwards. We aim to bring the best of beauty within reach of every woman in the world - providing exceptional pleasure in her bathing and skincare experience and inspiring her to feel irresistible and confident in her own skin every day! Our range of skin treats, infused with fine fragrance composed by the world’s best perfumers will delight your senses and make you feel like a million dollars, every day.

And I'm one of the luckiest person who experiences the Magical Spell. The experience of the sweet scents and being irresistible, in Indonesia we say "Tampil Memukau".

What's behind this gorgeous scent:

Black Orchid flower is often called the black orchid is very rare indeed. But because it is exclusive, Ann Goettlieb and select it as a core team of fragrances Magical Spell to get a unique and mysterious fragrance.
As a top note, Juniper Oil Ann wore a perfect blend with the softness of flowers such as black orchid, jasmine and violet. To add to the strength of softness owned opener selected fragrance of brown sugar and vanilla, and then covered with sandalwood and velvet musk as base notes. Mix all the ingredients of these options give the final touch of fragrance that is rich and sensual fragrance that stick around longer on the skin.

From the deep purple, it explain for being mysterious and who behind it? None other than Ann Gottlieb

Ann Gottlieb is a 'Nose' the experts behind the creation of fragrances fragrance Lux Magical Spell - A liquid soap that has a unique fragrance infused formula that produces a dazzling luster equivalent to the world's finest perfumes.
Ann began her career in the cosmetics industry when he joined Revlon where he soon continued his career at the Estee Lauder Company. For six and a half years working at Estee Lauder, Ann learned about art, science and business fragrances under the personal supervision of the experts themselves who became his mentor, namely Mrs. Estee Lauder.
After that he had become the EAD of Product Development for Elizabeth Arden and Warner Cosmetics (Ralph Lauren Fragrances). Together with the increase in career and professional reputation and the demand for its unique expertise, Ann finally decided to become entrepreneurs by setting up Ann Gottlieb Associates in 1983. Ann has produced fragrances for world famous brand among others, Calvin Klein, Caroline Herrera, Dior and Marc Jacobs.

Don't you just feel the mystical forces that lures you in, taste it, feels it, embrace in the sweet surrender of the wonderful scent created. Expect love in the most passionate way possible, expect sophistication, young and wild at the same time, expect LUX.

Without further ado the event finally starts and representative from LUX and Givaudan explained to us all the bloggers that we are gonna have a mini perfume workshop, hooray! But before that let's learn more about LUX Magical Spell.

Composed by the world’s best perfumers, Lux Magical spell is a specially crafted body wash, composed by internationally renowned perfumer Ann Gottlieb, who is behind some of the most inspired best-selling and adored fragrances today. The fine fragrance leave you smelling and feeling sensational long after you step out of the bath or shower - unlocking that million dollar feeling for all the women who use it.

A bewitching fragrance that leaves you irresistibly enchanting without saying a word

Then the team form Givaudan explained that scents are divided into 3 note, base note (which is the heaviest and stays on longest), heart/middle notes, and top notes, the one that we smell at the first 15 minutes. Not just that basic information, but which scents are classified into those notes.  If you follow my twitter you can easily know everything (c13v3rgirl). And probably know that after the presentation Givaudan gives us quines and my team won!

Each of us (4) gets a perfume from Givaudan ^^

Then it's picture time! On my right (with pretty purple dress) from LUX and on my left from Givaudan. Thank you so much for having us today and we have this such a wonderful, inspiring and informative event. It was picture perfect, just like the commercial of LUX Magical Spell, have you seen it?

This is one of the behind the scene photo and the commercial is made with
Jean-Claude Thibaut

Jean-Claude Thibaut's name became known when he directed an experimental short films that get lots of compliments, and then requested by Armani to direct a new fragrance ad. Soon the ranks of famous luxury brand names from Armani to follow the trail and asked him to be a director and forografer for their campaigns such as Hermes, Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Pierre Cardin.
Jean Claude's works are known with a touch of glamor and uniqueness that is visible from the beauty of the portrait made ​​by hand in Naomi Campbell, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kristin Davis, Sophie Marceau and Antonio Banderas.

Now you know all the secrets behind the fragrance, the people and everything about it, but have you tried it? I have!

It is indeed an experience that worth looking forward to every single day. I'm also the kind of person who is very moody and like to plays around and for me the world is my stage. I use different scent every time according to the nuance of my heart. Sometime I like to play innocents and purely white, sometime I like to be fun and energetic and those moments of feeling dark and mysteriously beautiful is my Magical Spell moments.

From the moment those rich deep purple texture touches my hands and the burst of gorgeous scents are pop out with a simple lathering, I know I'm there! I know I'm in this beautiful mystical surrounding where magical beautiful dreams comes true.

The beautiful scents that feels seductive, luxurious and expensive haha! You are indeed pampered by the scent and feels the lingering fragrances with you longer. The scent does stays with me longer than ordinary soaps and indeed an experience that we all have to try, at least on that very special night ^__^

Thank you so much you all for reading this blog post and thank you LUX Indonesia for having us, Givaudan for the presentation that any perfume lover will truly appreciate and all the love in the world captured inside LUX Magical Spell that will bind you into a love so deep, it should be forbidden.


  1. please tell us which song was played in the commercial jean claude