Thursday, July 19, 2012

Revlon ColorStay 540 Inspired 16 Hour Eye Shadow

Hi everyone!

Now let's have fun with some colors!

Continues from the last post after doing the base --> HERE.

Colors are fun and no more boring black, spring summer is here and I hope this year we're gonna have a more colorful theme all year long ^0^ Maybe something lace pattern for the face... hey who know?!

Now the blue and green are everywhere, don't left our eyes dark, make it bright and wonderful with more bold and vivid color. It's not pastel, it's jade and oceanic blue.

The colors are fun, so please do have fun while using it. Revlon do provide tutorial, but that's just one thing, go with more creation. 4 palettes of colors means 4x4 possibilities.

Above showing how I use it and it is simple enough to be used. The deep purple as eye liners and the nude as base for the eyes, I put the blue and green on the lids side by side where on the middle part blending them well together so there's a nice gradation made.

This is my before after picture and on the after, you'll definitely noticed the right eye is more 'pop' where the colors are twice the bold and wide, while the my left eye are more subtle, suitable for natural day use. So even from the same color you can go as natural or as bold as you want. The colors stays on as long as you don't wipe it for more than 8 hours (sorry, I never uses them more than 8 hours).

Thank you Revlon Indonesia for the products.

All the brush uses in this photo's belongs to Masami Shouko from Kay Collection, click HERE for details.

See you on my next post!

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