Thursday, July 19, 2012

REVLON ColorStay 220 Medium Beige

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After using the makeup base I continued with some foundation action. Revlon ColorStay Makeup with SoftFlex SPF 6 for Combination or Oily Skin in 220 Medium Beige.

It is said on the packaging that it wears up to 16 hours, flawless look, lightweight feel. Let's prove it ^^

The texture is thick and not easy to get it out from the bottle, I wish they put spatula or put it inside a pump packaging so the cream can get out easier. The scent at first is a bit sharp but after blending it on your skin it will turn into a mild musk, which is quite pleasant afterwards. Except if you dislike musk ^_--.

Now for the tone, it's suits me and definitely not heavy, so even thou' it gives me medium coverage I like the fact that I can still feel my skin and comfortable too. It doesn't have mattefying effect nor moisten the skin, so it is just a plain foundation. The SPF 6 also very low, so no need to mentioned that. But overall if you're looking for a plain foundation that feels light to the touch, gives medium coverage and affordable, you can use it and it does stays on long hours. I didn't use it for 16 straight hours, I use it for about 8 hours or so and it still very good without the need of touch up.

Use a light loose powder after the foundation and you are ready for some color. For me basically it get's the job done, there's no extra ingredients or function. It is not waterproof nor sweat-proof. So if you happen to sweat or get a splashed, just use a tissue and tap it gently to dry the part. Never swipe it. And it should be fine.

Clean them with a makeup remover and never goes to sleep with makeup on!

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