Thursday, July 26, 2012

Ultima II Nakeds Pressed Powder

Hi gurls!

Another product from Ultima II and this time is their pressed powder and funny thing thou' . . .  why is it called nakeds?

Soon I'm gonna find out.

Details from the packaging:

Ultima II
Nakeds Pressed Powder

Microfine silk texture
Natural translucent apperance
Non chaulky
Free of irritants
Minimizes oil breakthrough
Non pore-clogging
Long wearing
Helps protects the skin from the harmful drying effects of the environment

To Use: Touch the sponge applicator lightly to pressed powder. Apply evenly over face and neck

Mine is in 4L (kinda clueless what does it means hehe)

Since the product is given without me having any say on the shades, so first I'm in the doubt thinking it would be too dark for me, or at least will not look nude on me.

Surprise suprise! It look nude on me and overall I'm pretty much liking it. The powder is indeed soft and easily lovable for being blend-able and like a chameleon and adjusting the colors to me. And it does lightweight and well, I didn't use the sponge, I still prefer using a brush for any base done, and brush do gives better coverage in terms of application and lighter too.

Will I keep using it? Yes! And I completely understand why it is said 'nakeds', since it does gives coverage like we're using none. But the skin tone looks better, more even, matte and like a soft focus glow on your cheat photoshop, the skin look fine!

Suitable for summer and it gives your skin a matte look (so if you want a moist look, this is NOT the powder for you).


  1. Hi Astri,

    Sepertinya tidak ada ya, I can't find it in the details as well.