Monday, July 2, 2012

Grand Opening of Kiehl's Indonesia 1st Boutique

Hi all!

What are you all doin' on weekend? I'm in Bandung last Saturday and attending this wonderful event held by Kiehl's Indonesia.

Finally, a boutique on their own. I've seen their images from their facebook page and so eager to go there. The building is so pretty, it's semi-indoor and decorated all right down to every details.

Here's a glimpse of everything there! Thank you so much for Kiehl's Indonesia for inviting me and it was a very wonderful and exciting event indeed.  Now, let me gives you a tour from the moment I reached on the spot.

This is me after 3 hours ride from Jakarta. Kiehl's greet us with a big smile and warm ... food ^0^

I love the bows, I even bring it home.

Then after the meal, we all walked into Paris Van Java, where the place is decorated with Kiehl's announcement. And I feel that in the air. I'm so happy for Kiehl's and hopefully in Jakarta soon, a place on their own!

Don't get me wrong Kiehl's are everywhere now (well, almost) and the boutique is their 7th store, but this is their own, not inside a dept. store.

So let's take a look around shall we?! This is me with the famous bike that has to be there in every Kiehl's store worldwide

Oh wait, you want to see the in front right \^0^/ you won't get lost, the super friendly KCR's will always there to greet you into their store. 

And awww! Look at that, "We are delighted to serve you!"

I also love how they serve me haha! No fuss, no frills, just pure kind-hearted people(company), real attitude and real gesture.

Without delay, Ms.Jennifer (Brand Manager) start the welcoming speech and take us into the event.

This is the event that has been their attention for the past year, preparation and focus are here. Kiehl's has been developing tremendously over the years and in Indonesia too, and it's all thanks to their dedication, commitments and lies in front of Ms. Jennifer, the products.

I can't help by playing with it while listening.

One of the item they have which shows simplicity and purely effective without complication whatsoever.

Then this mask from the sunflower range which I truly love for the scent.

And the filler for your lines.
All in simple packaging, details and ingredients that only for that specific cause. But hmm, Kiehl's won't be too simple this time, it is a big event for them. Yes, the products is wonderful but there's must be more than these!

They are having a charity comes contest! Cool isn't it?! It's always about the community for them and this time collaborating with some artistic people for Mr.Bones.

Who is Mr.Bones? He is like a mascot that is there in every Kiehl's store worldwide, representing the medical point of view since Kiehl's start as pharmaceutical apothecary.

Then Mr. Morse developed it into something that I can related into, beauty!! I love love love what he says here: "Love what you do, put your heart into it and you will be rewarded."

There's so many things in Kiehl's that found to be easily related-able for any of us, that's why Kiehl's is easily love by many.

Let's continue shall we?!

It's time to play around, FUN is also a very important aspect of this celebration ^^

Product's card board is everywhere and showing Kiehl's top favorite products loved by customer all over the world.

And they show the history of Kiehl's as well. Ooh!

Again, I made a promise to myself, I will be there, I will visit Kiehl's in New York, the one that started it all.

Then I took pictures with Kiehl's staff, start with Ms. Sally, the Product Manager.

Mr. Ary, Senior Trainer. Ask him anything and he'll make you understand all about Kiehl's and your skin.

with Kiehl's worldwide representative.

And finally with Ms.Jennifer ^_^ she is the heart of Kiehl's Indonesia

My sister, which without her I'm also wont be there ^0^

Mr. Liberty? Haha! This guy smells like spray paint.... literally.

And here are the winners of Kiehl's Mr. Bones decorator.

You've done a great job in decorating Mr.Bones! Congrats on winning and now the sales for Mr.Bones auctioning will go directly for the cause Kiehl's Indonesia put their heart on, the children. Please do contact Kiehl's Indonesia directly for more information.

And thank you so much for having me! Love you guys even more now \^0^/


  1. wow kiehls.. blm prnh coba sih.. ^^ bagus kah?

  2. Bagussss ... banget, yg no fuss no frills product ^^