Friday, June 27, 2014

Elianto Curvee Eyeliner Pen

Hi everyone,

another product from elianto is here, this eyeliner pen has a shape of a curve, is it similar to the N*X brand? Yes, it is.


elianto Curvee Eyeliner Pen is the new generation in eye liners,with its curved,ergonomic design which offers firm yet confortable grip for better control & much precise results.Its Waterproof formula lasts all day and won't run,transfer or smudge.Curvee is also refilable and free of parabens,volatile and formaldehyde-releasing compounds.
Usage : Hold your eyelid taut and draw a smooth line as close to your lashes as possible


Hmm, I'm really interested in trying it on the eyes but after seeing the ink 'spread' and need around 3-5 minutes before settling in, I prefer not to. And also, testing the waterproof ability without messing with the eyes, hand is always a better option for a first timer.

The tip is soft enough to be used on the eye zone, the pointy tip can help creating a fine line while with enough pressure it create thicker line for fuller look. The fine line sets faster compared to when pressed. Use it gently and it'll dry faster too.


Above is the ingredients. It does contain one of the infamous ingredient that may causes skin irritation.


And unfortunately, on me it doesn't stay waterproof as it claim it should be. Too bad. I kinda hope it would.

Overall, it's an eyeliner that gives a deep black liner to the eyes, setting time should be around 1-2 minutes for thin lines and 3-5 minutes for thicker ones. The curve does made it easier to be used when mastered compared to the conventional pen shaped eyeliner. The downside would be it contain sls and not really waterproof.

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