Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mild Protecting Gel Intimate Gel by Corine de Farme

Hello ladies,

this is my first post for products by Corine de Farme, a brand from France, please do read it more about them here: www.corinedefarme.com

Corine de Farme brands, Jacomo and Institut Phyto belong to Sarbec Cosmetics.

Sarbec Cosmetics is the 1st independent, family-owned French group and for over 35 years, it has created, manufactured and sold a wide range of cosmetics, perfumes and wipes.

Our goal is to bring to our customers a world of constant innovations and well-being in total security. Our group employs 550 staff in 4 production sites and 7 subsidiaries.


Now, back to the product.

This is Mild Protecting Gel, a feminine area cleanser that made with 96% natural ingredients, the product is hypoallergenic and tested by gynae. The packaging is simple in white and pink pump bottle.

At first, I thought there's nothing special about this product, yes, there are many feminine wash out there, a few doesn't contain paraben and some also claims from natural ingredients, but after I tried it, I feel the differences.


The gel is easily lathered on, the foam is pleasing a comfortable, and after rinsing the intimate area feels clean and fresh. The product still contain SLS (which is the only down side I've found). The product is made to clean the outer area ya, so don't think about inserting the gel in.

Regarding the scent, event thou it is fragrance free, there's a very mild pleasant scent, perhaps it's from the natural ingredients. Overall, this dark clear orange gel is a product that I can use daily to clean the intimate area without worrying about irritation from fragrance, alcohol, soap, and paraben.
It still contain SLS, but the product is still 95% better than other feminine wash in Indonesia's market.

Thank you Corine de Farme.

Stay tune for more reviews from Corine de Farme products.

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