Monday, June 30, 2014

Garnier Light Complete Day and Night Cream

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just like said on my previous post regarding Garnier Light Complete, I'll share another post regarding the Day and Night Creams.


Details from

This newly improved formula consists of:

• 50% more of Vitamin E compared to the previous formula. Vitamin E has whitening vitamin and antioxidant that will make your facial skin fairer and radiant white.
• Pure lemon extract for oil control on the facial skin, as well as to remove dark spots.
• UV protection to protect facial skin from sun exposure and darker-looking skin.

This newly improved formula is the secret recipe for fair radiant white and shine-free skin, and hopefully Indonesian women will have more confident than ever as well.


One is the day cream, contain sun protection and compared to the night cream, it gives the skin a lighter hydration and finish.

The other is the night cream, thinner, doesn't contain sun protection and provide better moisturizing power than the day cream.


Click on the image for larger view and better details.

 And below is the product inside the packaging.


They both looks similar isn't it?! But when look carefully and touch they have a completely different texture and feeling on the skin.


Since the day cream contain spf, it does like most creams with spf, it has that white chalky look and on the skin it gives a white cast, it's light thou and easily covered with makeup afterwards. The night cream become transparent on the skin and more watery.


Both products are made for those around 18-25 or perhaps those with normal skin type and wants some lightening effect. The day and night cream gives light moisturizing effect, the night has more and the day has less, suitable for those who want a light effect and not oily nor greasy. They both smells good, like sweet lemons.

since the day cream contain spf when cleansing it is best to use a makeup remover.
Use the whole series for a more optimal result.

Thank you Garnier Indonesia.

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