Friday, June 27, 2014

Kose Je l'aime secret des fruits Shampoo and Treatment in Deep Moist

Hi all,

from my hubby's recent trip to Japan, he bought a bunch of stuffs for me, and this is one of the samples he got from those purchases. I don't normally review sachets but with just a pair, I found my self eager to write some.

Why? The product itself is so cute, I have the full sized ones but in different variant, this sachets is for deep moist effect.


The sachets is quite big for single usage to be used by longer hair than mine. The clear shampoo feels light at first but kinda have this slippery oily effect on the hair. It does cleans the hair well but somehow, it made the scalp feels so oily. The treatment is, sorry to say, worst. It doesn't help my hair in any way, it still tangled even when they are still in the milky creamy 'Treatment' time. When washed off, that's it, it leaves nothing behind. One feature of both product which I think is the only highlight is the amazing fragrant, like I'm literally pouring perfume on to the hair, floral and fruity at the same time, and it last for 24 hours. I kept smelling my hair and feel in love with how scented it is. Too bad they made my scalp feels so oily, if not, I would definitely crave for some more, the smell is amazingly beautiful.

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  1. Hallow~ Salam kenal ya~ Aku baru di dunia blog hehehe...

    Aku juga pakai shampoo ini, beli sekitaran 2 bulan lalu, barusan di review hari ini, kapan2 kalau sempat main2 ya ke blog aku hehehe...

    Kalau di aku, ini shampoo dan treatment baik2 aja, gak bikin berminyak tapi juga gak bikin kering. Cocok (?) Nanti rencana beli yang besar, masih menimbang antara beli yang botolan atau refillnya saja~