Thursday, June 5, 2014

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited in Dark Beige, M PK 348, Bright Orange, PK340, and 931

Hello everyone,

in the world of makeup the name Shu Uemura has earned a top spot amongst other. In their collections of iconic makeups, Rouge Unlimited is one of the range that never cease to existed due to the constant demand. In fact, most of Shu Uemura's product are still with the same collection since they first launched. It's like they have these 'original' formulas.


Rouge Unlimited itself comes in several type of texture and finish. There are matte and glossy. I've been collecting their lipsticks and loving each and every one of them due to the pigmented formula and great finish according to the effect wanted.

Shu Uemura also based their collection on warm or cool undertone to match the customer's need.

Here's the details of the collection from

rouge unlimited lipstick

  • 44 new shades of high-tech, high-pigment lipstick for truly unlimited colour.
  • new rouge unlimited lipstick by shu uemura gives you our truest colour payoff ever, with a unique non-sticky texture and ultra-smooth application.
  • formulated with breakthrough technology, new rouge unlimited is available in an array of inspiring colours and formulated for long lasting supreme moisture & comfort.


Here are the swatches, from left to right is dark beige, M (for matte) PK 348, bright orange (clearly seen), PK 340 (a slightly paler than PK 348), and 931 from the Beige collection.

To understand Rouge Unlimited, here's a guideline from what I know, the first number tells us about the basic color.
All start from 1 is from the red collection
2 is either wine or mauve
3 is pink and coral (but mostly pink)
5 is orange
7 is brown
9 is beige.


For me it is important to try before purchasing since one shade can look so awesome in one but weird in another even when people have almost the same skin tone, or even has been using the same shade of foundation. I don't know why, it just happen, perhaps it's due to ones temperature, the lip's natural shade, one's chemical reaction, or else. So by providing this wide variety of shades, we can happily choose a shade that definitely matches us individually perfectly.


And even thou it is fun to do the swatches ^__^ it is better to try them on the lips to see the end result. Below are my end results in using each of the product.



Easy to be used, no error whatsoever during application, no roughness nor too slippery. No clumps, oiliness, sticky feeling or unwelcome scent.

Matte or shine, all of them feels so comfortable on the lips. They feel loved and pampered while using them without being too much. No balmy nor greasy effect. It is just right.

The colors are exactly how it should be, so I'm fully agree in what they say as payoff.

After using the lipstick the lips doesn't feel dry as well, it is pure comfort in using Rouge Unlimited.

Tips: Handle the lipstick with care, the product is not too soft but due to the moisturizing effect they do have softer texture than other lipstick that contain none, close the lid tightly and make sure there's a 'click' sound.

Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia.


  1. love the bright orange one!
    what happen if we didn't close the lid tightly ?

  2. oren nya cakeeepp, cocok buat summer :)

  3. Hi girls,

    Iyaaa orangenya bagus banget yaaa, fresh n gak boring hehe, gak nyangka juga warna gonreng gitu di bibir malah bagus.

    Kalau tutupnya gak bener pertama resiko jatuh lalu kebuka (sayang kan rusak) lalu selain itu lebih mudah kering juga. Semua lipstick yang tingkat kelembabannya tinggi harus ditutup dengan baik.