Friday, June 6, 2014

V 10 Plus Luminous Series Brightening Serum Vitamin C 8% + Rose Centifolia Extract

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Did you know that V10Plus already in Indonesia? They are still trying to get all of their products through the regulation and BPOM registration, so let's just cross our fingers so they can make it here with all of their lovely goods.

Why do I become such a fan of their products? None other than the safety reasons. No paraben, no chemical fragrance, no artificial color and no mineral oil. Those ingredients are well known for causing allergic reaction and even huge skin problem like cancer (oh no!)


I've been sharing some reviews of V10Plus products, so far all of them become one of my favorite skincare items. The water based formula helps the skin to get the nutrients better and faster too.


Each of their products are packed in a simple box but all the necessary details are given, if you still need more info please go to


The product I'm going to review now is their Luminous Series, the brightening serum with vitamin C 8%. It is not the highest content in the market but it is considered quite high than most brands. And the most important is V10Plus doesn't contain stuffs you don't need (like paraben, mineral oil, etc).


The color of the serum is a clear orange hue and has that distinctive smell of a vit c serum. The texture also a bit more richer than other serum in the V10

plus family.


Just two drops of the serum each night. I think they made the instruction for night use only for vit c can't stand against the sun during the day, hence perhaps it is useless to use it on day time?! And it is important to keep it away from the sun when not in used. Nevertheless, whichever you have please do keep all the skincare from the sun since some ingredients are photosensitive.


The feeling on the skin is comfortable with a bit of warm feeling not as warm as a 10,5% vit c but definitely warmer than the 5% vit c. There's this 'signature' sensation, velvety and smooth, like when using any other vit c serum but this one is more watery.

Why is there so many vit c serums out there? It's because vit c is well known in helping the skin to become brighter, reduces dark spots and help the overall complexion to become better, it is also said to help remove dark scars caused by acne or to be precised by mistreating acne.


And V10Plus Vitamin C serum is suitable for those looking for safe ingredients away from paraben, allergies and the 8% vitamin c is not too high, for those with skin sensitivity may still use it with ease. How do I know? One of my bff have a skin sensitivity, she can only tolerate product that are no paraben, no artificial perfume, etc, and in term of vit c, she can not tolerate 10,5% and a lot of chemicals.

Effect after using the serum:

Gradually the dark spots begin to fade, the darker the spots are the longer it gets to be completely gone. Overall skin complexion will become brighter due to the pure concentration of vit c, but it all depends on how you use it and the lifestyle involved.


Use sun protection during the day, and when possible avoid the sun light at it's peak. Use products that doesn't irritate the skin as irritated skin will become darker and darker eventually.

Thank you V10Plus and hopefully all of your products can be available here in Indonesia soon.

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