Monday, June 9, 2014

Shu Uemura Tint In Gelato (AT 01, BG 01, & CR 04)

Hello lovelies,

finally I can get my hands on the new Tint in Gelato from Shu Uemura. The mousse texture is wonderful and I really love how pigmented they are. Oh well, all of shu's product are pigmented, but what makes Tint in Gelato so special?


Details from

Tint in Gelato: Lip and Cheek Color

Soft Flushed Cheeks. Dewy Stained Lips.
Play with the contrasting color finish for a customized tinted look - perfect on the lip, just as well as on the cheek.
Available in 12 gelato-inspired delightful shades.
Unique Texture
Fresh and creamy gelato-like unique formula magically changes from a thick to a thin layer for variations of finish: from intense dewy to soft matte finish.
Application Tips
Lips: Glide on lips with the applicator
Cheeks: Blend with your finger tips for a semi-matte with natural sheen finish


Yes, it's the wide variety of shades, multi-function (for lip and cheek), types of finish according how you use it (swipe the applicator directly for glossy finish, blend in with finger or a clean brush for soft matte finish). I have AT 01 Cassis Delight, BG 01 Puffy Chocolate, and CR 04 Spiced Orange).


Above is the result of using it with the applicator for a dewy finish. The hole in the middle helps the gelato to be clump-free and giving me a just-right amount on the lips. The narrow tip is perfect for the lines, I'm not using any brush nor lip liner, the applicator did it all by itself without any help from another tool.

Below is a soft mate finish on the cheek, by dabbing the product and then blend it in with fingers. This mode of application can be for the lips as well if I want to create a soft tinted effect without being so bold.


The images taken on the cheeks are before makeup, for me personally Tint in Gelato is best to be used under makeup for a natural looking blushes. But when I want a more 'colorful' result, the Tint in Gelato can be put on top of makeup. When put on top of makeup (foundie, compact powder, and/or loose powder) dab it gently when blending instead of a wiping motion as it will 'scrape' the makeup base.

And these are the results of using AT 01, CR 04, and BG 01.


The texture is thick and rich, it is so creamy and when blending on the cheeks, I prefer to do it on a moist skin (hence before makeup) or perhaps just after liquid foundation.

And below are the looks inspired by each of the shade. 


The bold red color is irresistible. I love how strong the color is. Like literally like painting the lips red.


I thought the Spiced Orange would be brighter since on the official website it seems they are, so does the BG 01, on the website it appears to be pink-er, maybe the colors got switched with Lemon Souffle. Well anyway, the Spiced Orange is a new color on my collection, I never have a shade like this, not even close. It is beautiful and subtle at the same time. Delicate and feminine. I think this is my new 'pink'.


BG 01 is perfect for a nude look and surprisingly I love it as a blush too. I always prefer pink, rose, or cherry/watermelon as the colors of my cheeks but who knows, nude can be a great color on the cheeks as well. It gives my a unique hue without the conventional colors.


I really like the texture, it was creamy and rich but on the skin it blends well. The duo finish is easily created just by different method of application. The colors are superb in terms of usable, pigmented, and spot on, it's exactly how it should be. I'm not experiencing any discomfort, allergies, nor unpleasant effect while using the products and I'm not noticing any scent from the product as well.

Below are the images of the boxes and you may click the image for larger view and read on the ingredient list.


Thank you Shu Uemura Indonesia.


  1. Aaaaa, aku kehilangan foto snack nya lol XD
    yang CR04 cakep banget warnanya :) nellin jadi makin cantik pake warna coral gitu, sayang coralnya agak ga terlalu kelihatan ya ^_~

  2. love the CR-04 color

  3. Hehe thank you,

    iya itu CR 04 Spiced Orange, memang diantara shade 'orange' tsb ini yg paling mild, yg gonjreng juga ada kok.... di toko :D