Monday, June 30, 2014

Miracle Diamond Peel Plus

Hello ladies,

Nowadays in Jakarta, oh well, Indonesia, there are more and more aesthetic clinics open up. I guess the demand is quite high. I remember when I'm in Singapore, almost every woman I know have a package treatments on aesthetic clinics of their choice, it's already become one of their basic needs. I don't think we are at that 'level' but there's a tendency to that point.

Usually woman who are working and earning their own money or those who are financially stable have their options open on having themselves as a regular customers to some aesthetic procedures. Miracle Aesthetic Clinic is one of the clinic the call and has become one of the leading aesthetic clinic in Indonesia.

A few months ago they invited bloggers for the first time as an introduction and then we are given a change to try on their treatment.

As I was pregnant at that moment and gave birth soon after, I ask my mom to have the treatment on my behalf. What kind of treatment it is?

It's a Miracle Diamond Peel Plus.


What is Miracle Diamond Peel Plus?
It is a mechanical peeling that combines Microdermabrasion with Dermal Infusion. Microdermabrasion removes dead skin cells employing diamond tips, while dermal infusion delivers skin specific topical solutions, depending on the skin problem.
Problems that can be treated:
  • Dry skin and wrinkles.
  • Reduce pore size.
  • Alleviate acne and its scars.
  • Skin hyperpigmentation.
What is the main advantage of Miracle Diamond Peel Plus?
Treatment process is relatively short, immediate results are visible, painless, and does not cause injury.
How is the process?
Diamond tips peels dead skin cells and stimulate the formation of new skin cells. Specific topical solution which is assisted by the use of vacuum will be easily absorbed into the skin layers.
When will results be visible?
The result can already be seen with a single treatment, to obtain maximum results need to be done with intervals of 2 weeks - 1 month, depends on the skin conditions.
When Miracle Diamond Peel Plus should not be performed?
When there is exfoliation on the skin, infection, and irritation. Consult with aesthetic consultant for discussing others contraindication.


Above is the result of my mom's skin. This is her testimonial:
The treatment is very fast, around 10-15 minutes after a quick consultation with a doctor. I didn't feel any pain nor discomfort during the treatment. After the treatment the skin also feels fine, unlike other kind of peeling that can irritate the skin or making a big chunks of skin coming off. The immediate effect that I feel is that the skincare I used penetrate easier than before. Deep lines and wrinkles are still there, I definitely need more than one treatment for a result I can see.

From my point of view.
My mom's skin is 'infected' by many dark spots, I know that to remove dark spots in a single treatment is not possible, so I guess for her, she'll need at least 5-7 times before I can see a visible result. But overall, I was quite pleased that the treatment doesn't irritate her skin, she had a procedure before and it was 'hurting' her skin, they become so red and sensitive. Miracle Diamond Peel Plus is gentle on the skin yet powerful enough to remove the dead skin cells, so I guess only the dead skins that are removed, not the good ones.

Thank you Miracle Aesthetic Clinic.

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