Saturday, June 14, 2014

Skin79 Complete CC Cream Correct

Hello everyone,

I'm back with more product from Skin79, this time I'll be reviewing their Complete CC Cream Correct.

This item made available by Skin79 Indonesia and available at Metro Taman Anggrek, Metro Gandaria City, all Guardian & Watson (Jakarta), and Metro Ciputra World Surabaya.


Please do click on any image for larger view. The product is made to help brighten the look, protect the skin from the UV and ease wrinkle appearance. The packaging itself is simple yet looks pretty with a pearly white glow. The tube has a pump for a more hygienic reason.


Skin79 is really famous with their BB Cream(s), now it's time for me to test on their CC Cream ^__^


Use the CC Cream as a last step of skincare, meaning that you've cleaned the face, use toner, serum, and moisturizer of your choice. Based on personal experience it is best to wait for a while and let the skincare sips into the skin before applying the CC Cream. Approximately around 15 minutes.


Above is the full list of ingredients.


Let's see hmm, when pumped the product is a white creamy lotion, as seen on the image above (right side) there's 1,2,3,4. Which means,
1: right after being pumped.
2. after being spread
3. massage for a while
4. finish look

The CC Cream blends in really well with the natural skin tone, covering imperfection and help makes the skin tone even out.

Below is me using the product.


Instantly, it's not just covering perfecting and even out the skin tone, the product also have whitening effect. I really like the pore-less and smooth finish as well. It is not sticky and I can go easily with a daily use by adding a loose powder only. Or a full makeup by adding liquid/compact foundation for a maximum coverage.


Bonus point, the product resist water, when sweating the CC Cream wont easily dissolve, making it a suitable for a long wear.

As tough as it is, after usage it is best to clean them up really well to avoid skin problems. You may use a good makeup remover like a high quality cleansing oil or a BB Cleanser from Skin79. Remember to treat this CC Cream as a makeup, so when not in use, clean it properly.

Thank you Skin79 and you for reading it.
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