Monday, June 30, 2014

Corine de Farme Body Oil

Hello everyone,

like all moms out there we tend to only give the best, safest and sometime the most expensive things we can give to them. In this case, Corine de Farme try to fulfill at least two of those criteria, being the best and safest in providing the needs of our lil' ones.

Introducing Body Oil for babies (and can be used by kids all age and adults too).

- Rich in sweet almond oil known for its nourishing and softening properties. It leaves baby’s skin soft and delicately scented.
- NO PRESERVATIVES, paraben free, phenoxyethanol free, alcohol free, colourant free and hypoallergenic (formulated to minimise the risk of allergies).
- Corine de Farme uses paraffin oil because it is odourless and colourless. It does not make skin yellow.
- Tested under dermatological control.
Designed, made and packaged in France.


The clear oil is a delightful, smells so good, it is oil alright but feels smooth and light on the skin. It's not as light as dry oil but it's not as heavy as other baby oil I know on the market. When used on the skin the oil nicely stays on the skin and make them glisten for a while before penetrating. So it doesn't leave an oily greasy residue behind. The oil makes the skin feels soft and smooth, it is actually can be used by anyone at any age. Sometime I'm using it on my driest area such as heels, elbows and knees.

I know for sure some moms out there prefer only to use products that are baby proof, including their toiletries, as for me, a breastfeeding mom, I prefer using skincare that are safe when touching their skin. This oil can be an alternative instead of those other toiletries that contain paraben, or other ingredients that are not hypoallergenic.

Tips: the oil can also be added on the bath water to gives that skin a light moisturizing effect without the full effect.

Thank you Corine de Farme Indonesia.

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