Monday, June 30, 2014

Lancome Teint Visionnaire in O-03

Hello lovelies,

Lancome has recently launched their newest foundation that comes with a perfect concealer in one. The packaging itself is an innovation. The duo comes together, for me, it makes life easier by making sure the foundie and concealer is a match made ... in factory.


Teint Visionnaire Key Features
LancĂ´me’s new vision of high perfection.

TEINT VISIONNAIRE offers 2 expert steps in 1 foundation to combine perfect coverage and natural finish:

High Coverage Corrector:
The High Coverage Corrector is enriched with Vitamin CG. Its creamy texture immediately reduces the appearance of dark spots, dark circles and imperfections.

Flawless Perfecting Foundation:
The perfecting foundation flawlessly evens out the complexion and visibly improves the appearance of pores and wrinkles every day. The foundation is enriched with LR 2412, the active ingredient integrated in Visionnaire skincare.

An even and flawless looking complexion:
Skin's appearance looks visibly improved.
The skin texture looks refined, dark spots and imperfections appear reduced and pores look minimised.

Benefits: Skin Perfection, Even Skin Tone, Flawless Coverage


How to apply Teint Visionnaire
Step 1: High Coverage Corrector
Using your fingertips, apply the High Coverage Corrector before the foundation on targeted imperfections for optimal coverage of dark spots, dark circles, any redness or blemishes.

Step 2: Flawless Perfecting Foundation
Apply the fluid using a foundation brush in a circular buffing motion to create a natural and flawless-looking finish to your complexion.


Yes, the High Coverage Corrector, the one on top of the bottle is the concealer. I found it thick and creamy but so easy to blend.

The foundation is inside the pump bottle. Thinner than the concealer and comes in the same shade, so no worries about getting it wrong.

The foundie need to be shake before use and did you read it? It is said, fragrance-free, oil-free, and, non-comedogenic too, woohoo!


As I ordered the wrong shade, the O-03 is too dark on me, but later I found out that it is the skin tone of my sister.

Below is her before look, cleaned and moisturized face, ready for makeup.


As she is young and active ^__^ there's not much of a problem on her skin, some acne spots or post acne redness, a very very fine lines, and uneven skin tone (like the rest of us living in this world).

By using a small brush, I dab some concealer to the areas needed. I didn't put any under her eyes as I thought the foundie would suffice (I should've). I'm not covering all, it's just some of the visible areas such as forehead, under the nose, chin and cheeks.

And then blend it on each of the dabs made.


As seen, O-03 is like her exact skin tone. The product itself comes with 7 shades for Asian skin, so you should be able to find your match.

Then, I'm using a foundation brush and covers the whole area with the Flawless Perfecting Foundation. The product itself is very nice and wrapped the skin well. Creating the flawless look naturally. This is actually what we're looking for, a makeup that covers imperfection but doesn't seems fake. It's like our natural skin enhance. And I really like the fact that it is integrated with Visionnaire skincare, it's an infused makeup.


Below is her before after look, the skin tone becomes even, imperfection hidden, the skin looks comfortable and relaxed, she doesn't feel they are heavy at all, fine lines at the forehead is hidden, redness under the nose are covered, tiny spots and acne marks are invisible.



A great product that gives simplicity and practicality to the max. Very easy to be used, blended and layered. I only use each product (concealer and foundie) a layer each and it already covers all her imperfection really well. For those whose having more 'problems' on the skin and need more covering can easily build up the layers as needed and the skin will still feels comfortable due to the texture.

I really love the fact that it was infused with skincare, vitamin and sun protection.

After hours and hours her makeup still looks great, she does have an oily skin but it doesn't shown even after around 8 hours.

Tips: Finish the base by using a simple loose or compact powder.

Suitable for those who are looking for a wonderful coverage yet still looking natural. The finish is slightly to the matte side so I guess those with oily skin will enjoy the product as well.

Thank you Lancome Indonesia.


  1. flawless !!

  2. This foundation packaging is really cute ><