Monday, June 30, 2014

Cottage Strawberry & Mint Revitalizing Shower Milk

Hello lovelies,

I guess by this point most of us know about Cottage, the brand has launch like perhaps almost a year ago. The product they carries are for bath and shower. This is their Shower Milk.

Give in to the audacious pleasure of our Cottage Strawberry & Mint Shower Milk. Invite the summer into your shower, savor its delights with a fresh, heady scent inspired by the flavors of strawberry and mint soup.
Enriched with natural strawberry extract, known for its revitalizing qualities, and natural mint extract, with its purifying qualities, this shower milk will awaken and stimulate your senses.
Its unctuous foam and milky texture will caress you with their softness.
A real dose of softness and freshness to kick-start your day!


I really like the packaging, the bottle is like a milk bottle, chubby and pink too. It is very eye catching. Nowadays there are many toiletries coming to Indonesia, I'm so happy, and Cottage is one of my favorite brand for delivering delicious option for shower time.

The Strawberry and Mint, hmm, I guess this combination is quite unique, usually I found mixed berries or strawberry with milk. I wonder how they'll smell.


They smell so good, milky, a bit sweet, and fresh at the same time (unique, huh?!). The texture of the creamy milky gel is delightful and to be honest, kinda sexy too. It is so smooth and feels rich on the skin. They do lather up very well and pampering the skin making them clean yet feel moisturized. The whole bathroom intoxicated by the delicious scent, and on the skin, they last quite a while too. In France, the range comes in after shower too (body care spray), I bet the scent will last the whole day when using both.

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