Friday, June 6, 2014

Lancome UV EXPERT XL-Shield SPF 50 PA++++

Hello everyone!!

I'm so excited in introducing what's probably the world's first sun protection with SPF 50 PA++++, yes, you've read it correctly, it's not PA+++ it's PA++++.

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LancĂ´me laboratories have integrated for the first time a filtering technology that helps protect up to long UVA rays while maintaining a 12h* UVB protection.

The new XL-Shield™ technology has an anti-greyness action, and protects the skin tone and creates a wonderful rosy skin.

UV Expert XL-Shield™ gathers 100% of women’s approval, they find their complexion more uniform and less dull, their skin look fairer, visibly younger and healthy, the skin tone seems natural. The product is well appreciated for its anti-ageing properties and benefits for a beautiful skin, the wrinkles and fine line seem less visible, and the blemishes seem softened¹.

The texture of UV Expert XL-Shield™ is 100% approved by women, they find it comfortable, rich and protective².


According to my current knowledge, this is the strongest sun protection there is.

According to

What does SPF and PA mean?

"SPF" stands for “Sun Protection Factor”. The value demonstrates the effectiveness of protection against UV-B, as well as the degree of protection against UV-B when nothing is applied on skin. For example, SPF 25 means that the UV protection product is 25 times more effective on guarding against skin redness from the sun than when nothing is applied on skin.

PA stands for “Protection Grade of UV-A”. PA+ signifies the product as having “protection efficacy” with PA ++ and PA+++ indicating strong protection efficacies. In general, the higher the SPF value, the higher the PA value

Like perhaps all of you know, usually PA+++ is considered the highest on the market, but now, Lancome has just raise the standard.


Who will gain benefit in using the product? Well, anyone who lives under the sun, especially those who have sensitive skin, the one whose skin become pinkish or as red as a steamed lobster when put under the sun. The high and wide sun ray resistant protection also needed for those who have to be outdoor most of the time during the day. And also those who are staying under the spotlight, like literally. There are light bulbs that emit high level of UV rays.


Now the question is, how's the texture? Surprisingly light and very much comfortable on the skin. The product does reflects lights, making the skin appears more radiant, glows and even healthier. This is awesome, I thought at least it would have a richer sensation than GN-Shield (review HERE) but it's not, I think it's even better. Btw, the Xl-Shield also come in the BB Complete variant, which I hope someday I can try it. Nevertheless using this one and a foundie later also not a problem since the product is so damn light. Bonus point (for me) there's also a lovely 'lotion' scent. Like most products from France, they do take their 'scents' seriously.


Downside? The product still contain paraben.


And yes, I know, swatches is not enough and doesn't really describe the product well enough like when using it directly on the face. Below is my before-after of the skin in bare, and after using Lancome UV Expert XL-Shield SPF 50 PA++++.  Instantly, the skin looks better since the product reflects the lights, lightly covers imperfection, appear fairer and many more, I mean just look at the before-after picture, it literally means a thousand words. I'm astonished too.



this is a great product that gives the skin a higher and wider protection against the UV rays. UVA that causes aging and UVB that make the skin become darker and causing dark spots are blocked better and longer too. SPF 50 means 50 x 15 minutes = 12,5 hours of protection against UVB. The PA++++ gives the skin the highest (available on the market) protection from UVA.
Best feature also lies in the fact that the feathery light lotion-ny texture gives the skin an instant fairer glow that reflects the lights evenly without looking greasy nor oily. In fact, it was velvety and smooth.
The scent is pleasant and comfortable.
Suitable for a long wear and even after hours and hours the skin still feels so good.
It would be a perfect product if it doesn't contain paraben.

after use, please do use a makeup remover or a good cleansing oil to remove the product off the skin.

Thank you Lancome Indonesia.


  1. How much does it cost? Thank you :)

  2. is it gives white cast ?
    seems like its a great product..

  3. Hi all,

    So far waktu aku pakai under makeup (shu uemura) itu tidak white cast. When used alone juga tidak terlihat white cast, mungkin karena tipis2 pakainya,

    Untuk harga karena ini produk baru, belum launching. Nanti akan aku update setelah dapat info dari Lancome :)

    Thank you.

  4. Have you ever tried Dr.Ko sunblock? Any comparison you can make between Dr Ko sunblock with this Lancome sunblock? Especially on the oily part if you know.. Thanks!

  5. unfortunately not, hence i can't compare.