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12H* UV Protection, Instant Fairness
Like a Fair Silky Glove On The Skin
* Instrumental test

Lancôme now offers a high-performance response to a trend that began in Korea and which is now increasingly in demand by woman all across Asia: blemish balm.This BB base brings skin instant radiance and is more than just a makeup-base. Its shade fits skin tone ideally, corrects skin's irregularities such as dark spots, unevenness and fine lines. Its silky texture allows it to be used alone or under foundation.

Avoid eye area. In case of contact with eye, rinse immediately and thoroughly.

My review:
First of all I'm a big fan of UV protection that does as a tinted layers on my skin. I love being multifunction as I love stuffs that do multiple tasks too. High sun protection? Checked! Coverage? Checked (even thou' it's light), Soft and Smooth result? Checked! What's not to love?

For me this BB Base is suitable to be used daily, we live in a sunny land so UV protection is a must and this one is pretty high, here's what they say:

Lancôme invents its first SPF 50 BB Base to protect collagen fibers down to the dermis and instantly visibly brighten skin.

Correct imperfections. The incredibly lightweight texture unifies skin tone to ideally cover imperfections, such as brown spots, blemishes and fine lines.

Protection down to the dermis. The patented filtering system with Mexoryl ® SX & XL recreates a protective shield against UV rays while exclusive UV-proof GN-Shield™ System forms a protective barrier against deep causes of hyperpigmentation and premature ageing, even at the dermal layer.

So there's a lot of protection provided by them and in a way it keep your skin younger too. How to use it?

The UV Expert range can be used all year round.
Apply in the morning at the end of daily skincare routine.
UV Expert BB base can be used alone at the end of skincare routine or before foundation.

After cleanse your face, tone, serum, moisturize, it's BB Base time. Now, for me I still need some loose powder for daily use, while on special occasion I'll need more foundation and compact powder. And that's it! Take note that the product best to use in the morning, when you start your day, UV protection works best when there's sun, no need applying them in the night.

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