Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lash Grip and All That Jazz

Recently I was all about lashes, mainly because I feel like everyone is doing it and why can't I? No really, why CAN'T I? I've tried numerous times and failed miserably, I always do it almost at the end of my make up and it ends up ruining everything, since they become so messy (glue, cleaning up, swiping, etc) so all the eyes zone smudges. Let's just say it is a very stressful experience for me.

Finally, 2 days ago I spend half of my time in front of my lappy and search throughout the youtube on how to put on fake lashes. This gal really helps me out, yes, I opened many tutorials and hers was just spot on, detailed, no fuss, and pure simple, quick one that really help me out with all the things I need to know. Check her out ---> HERE.

Her tips including putting on the eye liner, glue, wait 20 seconds, tilt your head, etc, plain useful! And voila, I've followed them all and did it! She even guide on where to hold the false lashes which is very handy.

And for the glue, I've bought it in Singapore last year, yes, I have the glue since months ago and hoping I can use it right away, well, not until that particular tutorial ^__^. I really like Lash Grip since they have one in black, stick on until I say it's time to let go, no mess, and no fuss whatsoever plus waterproof too.

In Jakarta, you can buy it in Grand Indonesia and I think, many other places too.

Here's me and my lashes that I did all by myself, remember to check her on youtube on how to and blink it, gal!