Thursday, September 8, 2011

My First Experience with INOA

Yesterday at Irwan Team Central Park, Jakarta, I was scheduled to do a hair coloring process using INOA. Thanks to ODS Technology (Oil Delivery System) in INOA, an oil based hair coloring that claimed to protect your hair during the process.

This branch is spacious and on level 2 you can experience the relaxing ritual by Kerastase
On level one is the rest of the services offered.

First is consultation with Mr.Bowie, the hair stylist at Irwan Team Central Park, he is checking my hair strands, scalp, skin tone, preference, etc, to get that color that suitable for me. So this time I leave everything on him . . . literally.

These are the choices, I'm thinking purple . . . red . . . something deep and vivid, but Mr.Bowie have something else in mind. Golden Mahogany. So INOA is all about mix match and you can ask for many different color as you can imagine. Neat, isn't it?!

Then he do his magic and mixed those stuff, clearly, it's professional use only.

Then start sectioning my hairs to start applying on a dry hair (I was my hair a day before).

Leave a cm behind, so on first stage application they do it a cm above the scalp. Oh yes, many stages here.

Then with the brush put the cream on the hair carefully.

Massage them in for better penetration and evenly spread.

I have to wait around 15 minutes now, oh and, have I mentioned? No scents whatsoever, completely zero scents, no ammonia, no stinks or any perfume.

Here come the second stage which is applying to the whole part including those 1cm of the scalp

Then tucked it all up for another 15 minutes

me and INOA ^___^ oh btw my scalp is highly sensitive due to all the scalp serum, if you read my previous posts you should have remember I'm in hair regrowth home treatment with aminexil that open the scalp so the hair can grow more and better. So I do feels the sting, it's not as hot and sting as using another hair coloring chemicals thou'. Perhaps if you're in scalp treatment program you might want to finish that program first before coloring or any other hair chemical process.

And during waiting, they clean the skin part that accidentally got colored with Revlon Color Clean, comfy, no scent, no irritation, and do the job nicely.

Then after 15 minutes are up they put a it of water and emulsify before rinsing.

Then shampoo time using INOA post Shampoo that only can be used after INOA hair coloring process. The scent is citrus-ey fresh!

It cleaned my hair nicely and love that special massaging technique.

Then awaits for me at the chair is vitamin for my hair, put it inside a sprayer and . . .

Spray it on section by section, love the juicy scent too.

Warm it up a bit and drying time. Pretty much almost 3 hours for the whole complete process from consultation 'till dry.

This is my Before and After pic. The color does not change on the rest of my hair strands but even up the whole hair from top to bottom, it lighten up my complexion and I need to sip it in for a while. The color do evolve , so wait a while before judging ^__^

me and Mr.Bowie

me and Ms. Muthia (PR of L'Oreal) , I really look like a school girl taking a school pic with that pose haha.

Now is officially sipping in and I love it! The color really does suits me, I know I can explore more, but that will be next time. And after the drying in the salon you'll notice the hair strands looks dry, but when I went home the moist and lights are coming in. It does feel and look so different than those conventional we've been using so far where it feels and look glossy at first then really drying in the end of the day. INOA gives me more light, color and no drying effect. My say: Highly recommended!

I am told not to wash my hair for 3 days . . . will definitely fail on that (will wash it after 2 days ^___-)

Mini advices that will be good for you: Do not swim at least a week after hair coloring process, especially in a swimming pool that filled with chlorine which you need to remove the chlorine with special shampoo that will strip off your hair color. Do not forget to always maintain your hair health before and after process. DO hair mask according to your hair concerns every now and then and daily regime from shampoo - conditioner - scalp and or hair serum is important.

Addition made on 27th September 2011:
Almost 3 weeks has passed
and the INOA color are still vivid as ever, look at my pic below

This is me on Mango 24th Sept,2011. Love my hair color ^__^


  1. Haaaai, aku mau tanya biaya yg kamu keluarin di salon tsb berapa ?

  2. Hi Tyaa,

    It was a sponsored by L'Oreal Professionnel but usually in a salon it will cost around Rp.750.000 di Irwan Team dan tergantung panjang rambut ^__^

  3. Thanks bgt infonya berguna bgt. penasaran mau coba yg free amonia ini

  4. Your welcome Tyaa,

    So far semua yang mencoba INOA puas dengan hasilnya karena lebih rendah iritasinya dan hasilnya yang membuat rambut berkilau dan lebih dalam warnanya, jangan lupa join the giveaway for a treatment day with me at the Academie dan nanti Tyaa boleh berkonsultasi dengan ahli INOA disana before making your decision dan salon yang mereka rekomendasikan :)

    Join the giveaway here:

  5. udah berapa kali memakai inoa? ini seperti cat apa toning ya jatohnya? tahan berapa lama? so far ada keluhan nya gak pake produk ini?