Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Body Shop Moroccan Rose Eau De Toilette

As a continuation or my previous post on Moroccan Rose by TBS ---> Click Here. I will continue with the complementary for the whole scent by using Eau De Toilette of Moroccan Rose that blends, spiced it up and enhance the gorgeous scent perfectly on top of everything.

By using the shower gel and body butter all in Moroccan Rose already gives me a 12 hour long lasting scent but whenever I want to take it to another level of the scent itself. While using the shower gel and body butter gives me a bouquets of roses, adding the eau de toilette means walking in the garden of roses.

Details from

Offering a modern twist on a traditional rose fragrance, perfectly capturing the beauty and romance of Valentine’s Day. Featuring essence of Moroccan rose oil, this is an exquisite fresh fragrance that simply exudes femininity.

The eau de toilette itself last no longer than 3-4 hours but you can always bring along and spritz 'em anytime. Or just use it with the shower gel and body butter and it last a whole day. And for me it's one of my fave scent in TBS which is perfect whenever I'm in love or feeling in love, go on a date or just wants to be in that feeling of L.O.V.E

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