Saturday, September 24, 2011

Moroccan Rose Shower Gel by The Body Shop

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It is soap-free and leaves skin cleansed, refreshed and with a delicate perfume. Containing Moroccan rose extract for its moisturising and fragrance benefits, skin is also moisturised and conditioned with Community Trade honey from an organic source.

My review: the shower gel is indeed very delicate and doesn't strip off skin's moisture. Using it with a sponge/bath lilies is definitely better for better lather and foam. The scent is mild, unlike other shower gels that I've used from TBS perfume range like white musk or their fruity collection. Overall it's like complementing the whole range of Moroccan Rose, suitable for delicate skin, and another bonus for helping the community with their community trade ingredient and recycling regime. Yes, give them back their bottles (25) and get a free tote bag is still on.

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  1. Dear Carnellin, in Bandung, that free tote bag after 25 bottles campaign has been changed.

    Now we'll get Wild Cherry Shower Gel for bringing back 25 packagings (bottles) ! :)

    Or is it only in Bandung, I wonder? :)

  2. Hi Ningrum,

    I think it's depends on stock :) but still, bravo for TBS for keeping the recycling thing going on ^__^ I wish many companies do this too, makes customer involved and get appreciation in return.