Friday, September 9, 2011

Chroma Thermique Thermo-Shine Thermo-Radiance Protecting Milk by Kerastase

Kerastase Reflection for Colored Hair. Details from

Protects hair from the harmful effects of heat-styling tools and other aggressors. Improves hair drying time and straightening performance. Nourishes, softens and moisturizes hair. Provides lasting optimal shine from roots to ends.

Ceramide repairs damaged areas of the fiber. MEA-18, a lipid, creates shine by forming a hydra-phobic barrier around the hair fiber. UV filter and Vitamin E protect from UV-rays and photo-oxidation-related damage.

The moment I opened the packaging the burst of a gorgeous fragrance is so lovely. And like any products you use, please do read the instruction, data, details carefully. I know, it's Kerastase, it's hard not to fall in love with them. But, just make sure you get the benefit of using it by applying it correctly.

Protection of color-treated hair.
This conditioning milk enriched with a photo-protective UV filter protects color-treated hair. An anti-breakage action whilstsafer blow drying.

Recently I just have hair coloring process with INOA, read it --->HERE, and I need to keep my hair looking color-full and vibrant, so I think by choosing Kerastase Reflection range for colored hair would be a delight. And I'm right! After using Bain Miroir (the shampoo) and Chroma Reflect Masque, I use this leave in protecting milk as a complement to the finishing touch right before using a hair dryer.

After coloring the hair lose some of it's natural ability against sun and many other things that protecting the hair. So you need products that help bring it all back with additional value too. Heat activated formula that bring the hair back to it's smooth and silky texture with a shine that you'll adore is all in here. What I also love from the texture is the lightness and easy to absorb. Some other leaves in are either too oily and plain ineffective. Chroma Thermique is effective, so far from greasy, and well, spot on! It gives the colored hair back to its vitality with added bonus too, protects from the heat, in fact used best with the heat, and the protection from UV too.  There's a lot of protection there ^___^ and you'll find it all good.

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