Thursday, September 15, 2011

Testimonials from Kiehl's to You

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This is not an ordinary blog post since it will consist testimonials from other people which manage to be gathered on these busy times (Ied Mubarak and after). The reason I'm posting is because I know that in Kiehl's family, the staff also given products to be used daily or perhaps at least samples for them to try on. So when they talk to the customers, they really know the products since they are using or have used the products before.

After asking the staff (from office to KCR's) about their favorite Kiehl's product that they can't live without, #1, numero uno, the best for them, that ONE if they can only choose one, 3 of Kiehl's representative sent me their emails with their testimonial. So, what you are about to read is real, unedited, genuine, and from their skin to yours.

For me? Well, I cheated, I can't just name 1 Kiehl's product that I love, I really fond of their Vit C serum (PSLRC) which is also Hot Stuff of the Month September 2011 at my blog, Abyssine Cream, and okay, this post is not about me. Anyway just excuse them if they'd mention more than one, since it is tough to pick just one.

Here we go:

First let's here from Ms. Jenny (Office):

Of all the great KIE products out there, I love two things the most – Derm Solutions Powerful Strength Line Reducing Concentrate (PSLRC) & Derm Acne.

I’m 37 yo and one of the things that worry me are lines forming all over my face! Even furrow lines (forehead) and laugh lines (not to mention my crow’s feet) are becoming more and more pronounced. I glad I am using this product because I’ve noticed reductions and less visibility of these lines for the past few months I have used it. The texture is also so light that you can easily layer it with moisturizer and LIQUID foundation without noodle-ing! :)

On days when I travel or get my monthly thing or when I get a bit stressed, I sometimes get the unwelcome pimple and Derm Acne works so super fast, it clears my pimple in a day or less, or max of 2 (if I put the stuff when the pimple is at its angriest, so to speak).

Then Ms. Ari and she also sent me her lovely picture, thank you so much ^__^

Saya Ari Widayanti CRM Associate Manager Kiehl’s

Produk yang paling saya sukai dari Kiehl’s adalah Yerba Matte range. Kulit saya sedikit berminyak dan cenderung mudah berjerawat jika salah treatment. Saya sudah coba banyak produk tapi hasilnya masih on off - on off. Lalu saya coba Yerba Matte cleanser, toner dan moisturizer dan mulai menggunakannya secara rutin.
Setelah sekitar 2 minggu pemakaian kulit saya mulai terlihat perubahannya, jerawat mulai berkurang, minyak di wajah berkurang dan pori-pori lebih rapat dan gangguan jerawat yang on off – on off tidak saya alami lagi.
Biasanya cleanser yang saya gunakan seringkali meninggalkan kesan lengket di kulit. Namun Yerba Matte cleanser tidak begitu, kulit terasa bersih tidak kering, dan tidak lengket

Then yesterday Ms.Dea sent me hers:

My one product I can’t live without from Kiehl’s is first and foremost, the Kiehl’s Dermatologist Solutions Ultra Light Daily UV Defese. Why? Simple, because everyone needs a sunscreen protection (you can’t get away with any reasons since we live in a tropical country). What makes this formula addictive is because its super light texture, unlike other sunscreen protections that I’ve found in the market, the formula absorbs very quickly. So if anytime necessary, I would need to use ojek or transjakarta in anyways, then I do not have to worry. I know I’m protected :)

There you go! Neat isn't it?! I feel like I can get to know Kiehl's better through them .And anytime you stop by at any Kiehl's branch you can just sit down and have a chat with the KCR's, they can share with you their favorite's too.

Take note: All of the testimonials are based on personal experience and personal experience only, the main purpose is sharing to one another with a truthful attitude and honesty.

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