Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Body Shop Wild Cherry - Body Butter VS Puree Body Lotion

The Wild Cherry is one of my favorite scent in The Body Shop family which is rich is lovely juice of Cherry, they are feminine, fruity, fresh and oh dear, so lovely! For the moisturizing group Wild Cherry comes in two form: Body Butter (above) and Puree (below). I've used them all and here's my review as a comparison.

For you who lives in hot and humid land, use the Puree Body Lotion since it is light, mildly cooling, like TBS says on their website:

Cooling and refreshing, this lightweight non-greasy gel, with fabulously fruity and juicy natural ingredients, absorbs easily to instantly hydrate and moisturise. Suitable for normal skin types.

While the butter is very rich in terms of ehm . . . very very rich. When I was shopping for body butter the staff in TBS help me to understand that even thou' it's all body butter, they have different kind of types, some for normal and some for very dry skin. So, you'll get options of body butter that perfect for winter or very dry skin, and the rest is suitable for daily use in tropical place.

Wild Cherry's body butter for me is perfect for traveling, especially long hours in a plane when it is dry. But, to be used at home . . . It became too sticky and I'm not comfortable for that, especially during the day when its hot.

For Jakarta: Wild Cherry, Puree Body Lotion 1 - Body Butter 0

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