Tuesday, September 6, 2011

DR.WU VC Skincare Instant Repairing Anti-Wrinkle Filler with Multi-Peptides

Thanks to Singapore Women's Weekly, I am able to try on DR.WU's product. They are Taiwan based clinical skincare that believes in half art and half science. you can read all about their brand at www.drwu.com

For me personally the products is too advanced for me since I haven't found visible wrinkles on my face, frown lines, crow's feet, etc, but I do have laughing lines . . . let's see if I can work on that.

The set consist of Instant Repairing Anti-Wrinkle Filler with Multi-Peptides, All-Purposes Super Serum with Multi-Peptides, Intensive Revitalizing Cream with AA2GTM.

After cleansing the face and toned it up, I am using the serum which like a thick liquid but blend easily and smoothly on my facial skin surface. Very faint flowery scents but immediately gone.

Then, it's the cream time which feels thick yet easily absorbed too and I can't smell any scents whatsoever.

Last but definitely not last the wrinkle filler that feels thicker than the cream. That only be used on the lines and wrinkles.

 This is my face after using all of the 3 products shown, no touch up, no makeup, no powder whatsoever.

Okay here's my verdict: All the products are feels comfortable to be used, no allergy reaction or any immediate unwanted sensation. Unscented, simple and easy to be absorbed. I will keep using it on my laughing lines and gives you all the updates, but may I say . . . so far so good

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