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Healthy Choice Detox Center and Colon Hydrotherapy Review

Hi health lovers,
Yesterday I went to Healthy Choice Indonesia in Kebon Jeruk, after getting an invitation to try one of the famous detox program they have, but first ,let's get to know Healthy Choice.

Our Mission and Vision …
To pioneer organic business within Indonesia and in doing so to become the leading, most
profitable innovator of organic products within Southeast Asia.

To raise awareness and to educate society about the benefits of healthy living and enjoying
life to its fullest, while at the same time preserving our living environment. In doing so, we will
meet increasing demand by constantly researching markets and supplying the most up-todate
and reliable natural organic products.

Healthy Choice is the Pioneer in Organic Services in Indonesia
We opened our doors in Indonesia in 2004. During this time it was difficult to find the
necessary organic produce and meats that we wanted to combine with our own special
organic ingredients, in order to create the healthy, delicious cuisine that we are known for

When we first opened our doors, we were astonished by the high rates of heart disease and
cancer in Indonesia. This led us to begin researching the link between our health and the
foods we eat and drink. From this research we learned about the terrible depletion of
nutrients in our soil due to pesticides, and were shocked by the overabundant use of
antibiotics and growth hormones in livestock. Convinced that we should avoid food that was
raised in this "conventional" manner, we made a conscious choice to live organically and to
create a venue that offers delicious, well-balanced organic food to the public.

Healthy Choice tries to subtly educate our guest about the philosophy behind our organic
products. Our fresh, delicious dishes, created and served at our Healthy Choice café, prove
that eating organic food doesn't mean sacrificing taste. Expansion and acceptance of the
organic lifestyle is visible at Healthy Choice.

Helpful Healthy Choice staff can provide practical, instructive information that will empower
you and your family to being making decisions to lead healthier lives. We can show you how
small changes in your own household will lead to an improved quality of life. Begin with small
changes, ones that can be built on over time -- start by choosing to buy only organic

Healthy Choice wants to inspire you and your family to choose organic in your home. You'll
find that living organic isn't difficult. Instead, it is a choice that will improve both your wellbeing
and the future of the planet that we all share.

Me inside the wellness center which is on the second floor of the building. The menu consist of so many treatment provided from detox to beauty such as facial, slimming and relaxation (deep tissue and hot stone massage). I found their prices are reasonable, you can still get a massage for Rp.200k with the assurance an experienced therapist that will soothe your aches.

And the treatment for me is Colon Hydrotherapy, which was quite famous. I'm also knew about it form my friends which was 'addicted' by this detox method using water that cleanse the colon (just click on the image for larger view)

First all new customer patient that went in have to fill up a form for their medical background. They do take things seriously here.

After filling up I gave back the form and looking around, there are some treatment too for the tired feet.

And this is Colon Hydrotherapy treatment room for me, it comes with an individual toilet too.

I was told by Nurse Tari to empty my bladder and change into special uniform that have velcro on the back for practical use. I must say, I feel a bit intimidated about the treatment. I'm easily chicken out from pain and any discomfort.

So after lying down, Nurse Tari prep me up a bit regarding the method. Using a sterilized warm water a tube will start inserting water while another tube (bigger size) will be for removing. Inserting the tube is a bit pain for me, really a bit and the feeling of something there was a bit discomfort too. But It's mild and for my friends whose been doing this treatments repeatedly, it was nothing.

Then the water start pouring in, with a controllable situation, patients can take a bout 4-6 minute before asking the nurse to open the removing tube (yes, while the water tube is filling in your colon, the removing tube will be closed). I feel the contraction (colic) is really strong, they even gave me goosebumps. But a huge relieve when the nurse open the tube for removing and since we are not allowed to strain, she helps by massaging our tummy and it's comfortable. Then repeat the process until around 5 times.

This below image need discretion since they are the result of the removing tube, just click page down if you down want to see them . . . I know I don't . . .

The result of the above image if my removing tube from the beginning, a lot of things need to get out. But found no leftovers which is usually dark and hard.
Middle part is found during the 2nd or 3rd pumps.
And last is when they are clear.

Even thou on the 5th pumps the nurse found a lot of feces, she said that the treatment still need to be stop since it was not recommended to overdo it.

After the treatment I gain like 0,01 KG (yes, they do measure our weight before and after the treatment). Some people can loose weight while some can gain . . . "It's okay", says the nurse.

Then after finishing the treatment, I can change my clothes and clean up, which was not messy at all. My result is: I was gassy, didn't chew my food well, but overall still good in terms for color and consistency since I eat my veggie and fruits . . .  ^___^ big relieve now.

And now, I'm heading to the first floor, anyone are in for a treat after the treatment. You can choose tea, juices or orange salad.

I choose salad, I just love salad and they are really fresh plus tasty too. The oranges are sweet and so does the apples, they are a delight. The nurse also told me to avoid gluten (flour products). Apparently from doing Colon Hydrotherapy with the pro you can learn more about yourself and enhance your health condition too.

For the drink we choose some tea from Numi which can be selected from white, green and oolong mixed with flowers or other plants.

For the food our choice is Nasi Campur Nyonya which was a mix between many ingredients and I really like those pink pickles, refreshing. And all of their food and drinks are health conscious, using ingredients that are organics, fresh, and low in trans fat. No coconut milk was involve, not even in laksa, they use soy milk instead. And you betcha, the juice didn't add with sugar. 

My beautiful tea is here, I choose the Jasmine with the white tea, since the staff said the white tea contain most antioxidant. Perfect for a day in Jakarta.

The tea is best served and drink warm where the taste is a bit sour but I like it. I also like anything that is healthy and good for me. I think the food and beverage from Healthy Choice should be served in hospitals or clinic, or perhaps spas.

And my ultimate favorite is their Yogu Berry. I love it to the max and highly recommended for anyone to try it. The homemade yogurt was fragrant, the jam is sweet and I really like the jelly texture of it, last but definitely not least the konyaku that smell like honey. It smell so strong but only mildly sweet. Yogu Berry? Love it love it love it . . . oh and have I mentioned? LOVE IT.

After finishing my meal I look around and see other things that is offered by Healthy Choice:

School Catering Menu.

Personal Catering Menu, yes, they do deliver but so far only on certain areas, please do call them, you can find all the info ---> HERE.

And who can ignore their store that feels with healthy goodies. It was everywhere and I noticed that, they were never empty, customers keep come and go, they seem to know this place well and regular customers.

From cleaning agents using environment friendly ingredients (and human friendly too), babies toiletries. A bit suggestion, please add kids product too ^___^

Food ingredients including sea salts.

Fresh organic products like veggies and prawns  . . . yes they have seafood too.

Juices, jam, cereals, and many more.

Look at these mini gallons, they are soooo cutee, useful and environment friendly. They also sell some other nick nack that can be seasonally available. So do check them out when you're around. And don't forget they have Sunday Market too, call them to know the schedule.

Well, that's all for now, thank you Healthy Choice, especially Ms. Nurhasanah for having me there and gives me tons of inside information of Healthy Choice.

More info go to or call them at +6221 5305665 (office), +6221 5323336 (store & resto), +6221 - 5322328 (detox center)
Facebook : HERE.


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