Saturday, September 10, 2011

Kerastase Chronologiste in Irwan Team Central Park

Today at 1 PM, I went to Irwan Team Hair Design salon at Central Park Branch for a Kerastase treatment. The hair salon is luxurious but with a touch of simplicity and modern. I like their minimalist design and clean-cut layout. It's like pure beauty and functionalist design with no fuss. And I figure it represent their service to the customer.

In the receptionist table you will be greeted and served fast, I like how they welcomed the guess, to the point without being too cold or too fake. It was professional with good manner.

Simplicity, in every angle.

All the services and Kerastase Rituals provided by Irwan Team Central Park. Take note that different branch may have different price on services and not all branches have Kerastase special treatment room. The Ritual started from Rp.250k and it can be as specific as your unique individual needs.

I went up to the second floor and it feels like a whole new experience than the first floor, the atmosphere here is relax and calming.

Washing area which specially designed chairs for extra comfort.

Here are some of the details of the treatment I'm getting today, Chronologiste Ritual by Kerastase.

First is diagnosing the scalp using the tool provided by Kerastase and perform by Ms. Melanie

She checked my scalp condition thoroughly and on many different spots. It seems like I do have several problem need to be taken care.

The scalp is oily, too oily perhaps, and on some parts are sensitive, marked by the red dots. So I need to calm those scalp first and tackle the oils.

Preparing for the treatment, they handed me some clothes with kimono to change + a pair slippers too. It's a spa moments now.

Then I'm off with my hair washed with Bain Vital Dermo-Calm for my sensitive scalp and Bain Miroir for my INOA colored hair. And I've done my INOA coloring in Irwan Team Central Park too, couple days ago, you can view my experience ---> Here.

After being washed with delicious scents of both shampoos, my experience continues . . .

Here are the components: the soft cream and lovely pearls of mimetic caviar concentrate. Details from

Essential Restorative Concentrate for All Hair Types

The finest haircare treatment ever created by Kérastase. Complete rejuvenating cure for hair and scalp. Hair is left incredibly soft, supple and shiny. Hair fiber is renewed, deeply nourished and strengthened,. Hair integrity is preserved. Scalp is regenerated, soothed and hydrated.

Never before has such a large amount of active ingredients, in the highest concentration, been combined in one single formula. The secret of this miracle haircare lies in the fusion of two components, combined only at the time of application, to preserve the integrity of the precious ingredients. Pearls, immersed in sea-water, mimic the structure of caviar to maintain the quality of the active ingredients found within. A velvety cream deeply nourishes the fiber. Soothing molecules heal the scalp, gluco-lipids restore nutritive deficiencies, and anti-oxidants & vitamin E protect hair integrity.

After shampooing with the appropriate bain, add the pearls to the Chronologiste bowl and blend smoothly into the cream using the spatula. On towel-dried hair, part the hair, apply and massage the treatment section by section to the scalp, length and ends. Leave on for 5 to 10 minutes, then add a small amount of water to create a lather and massage through the hair. Rinse thoroughly, so that all product is rinsed out completely. Recommended to be applied once a week as a treatment booster in addition to your current regimen.

Here are some notes I made through the treatment:

(Hair diagnostic done by Ms.Melanie and treatment by Mr.Surya.)

Dry the hair using towel then use a wide tooth comb 
Applying the cream to the hair section by section with a medium size spatua while getting a hot stone foot massage 
Now leaving the hair bundled plus get a massage for 10-15 minutes with roller balls too. The roller balls are so cold, it's like 2 ice balls running here and there, chills I can feel down to my spine
Indeed a unique experience like no other, I wonder why Kerastase invent this method? Is it like the opposite of hot stone? Definitely is!
The balls are heavy apparently, each weight a kg
After the balls I'm putting my kimono back on for acupressure shoulder massage

Then using micromist for 10 minutes ( the hair ) plus hand massage. 
Last but not least, off to rinsing time. For the final touch right before the hair drying they gave me leave in perfecting milk from the Kerastase reflection

And I'm done. The whole process from the minute I walked in until my hair is dry took 2 hours. The hairs feels soft, smooth, healthy and alive again. No dryness seen and the scalp feels comfortable. The gorgeous scents last hours and hours. My hair stays rejuvenated, bouncy, and fresh longer than any treatment I've done before. And my whole body become so relaxed, I doze off the minute I reach home right after the treatment which was never happen to me before, it was like 5 PM. Totally suitable for those suffering from insomnia and high stressed life.

Perfected from Biotic, Nutritive, Resistance and Reflection, Chronologiste is all yours to enjoy from the scalp to the ends of your hair.

Conclusion based on experience:
The treatment is a relaxing inducing treatment in a low light room with instrumental music,drinks are provided with many varieties from jasmine tea, green tea, coffee to ginger. Like a true spa without the hassle.
What I like is the almost sounds proof room that kept the calmness. The massaging technique for the feet and shoulder + jasmine scented oil. It's like they put  a lot of effort in relaxation, I think it's significantly related to the treatment itself which perhaps the products can perform better in a such atmosphere where the hair, scalp, body and mind become one in the treatment. It's a truly wonderful experience that you have to try for showing oneself an appreciation

Based on observation:
All the staff I've talked to, have a very good product knowledge and spot on attitude to the customers. I've paid attention to those surrounds me and I really enjoyed the professionalism in the staffs to them too, everyone was paying attention on the customer's need and they all seems genuinely care and have a quick response. No hard sells are shown. Consultation are done where transaction based on the customer's best interest.

Come and try their services, you'll have a wonderful time here. 

Contact Irwan Team Central Park at (+61-21) 29200020 for appointment

More details, go to:


  1. how much you have to pay for all the treatment?

  2. Hi Anon,

    The treatment for me is free, however anyone may enjoy the treatment for around Rp.800.000 and depends on each salon.