Thursday, September 29, 2011

Great Skincare Comes Naturally - Senayan City 27 Sept - 2 Oct 2011

Hi all ^__^ I'm back with more event and promotion from The Body Shop Indonesia, it seems like they are so busy lately with so many stuff goin' on for us. Thank you TBS \^0^/

Along the road of Senayan you'll probably noticed where they have put all logo's and ad! Yes, it is a traffic hour and what's better than just avoid all these jam and get inside Senayan City.

Go to the Main Atrium

You'll hardly will missed it.

And welcome to The Body Shop, where the stage are ready, the staffs are friendly . . .

the result and love by the customer are real too.

With their famous products

Yes, yes, check out these promo!

The newest range Natrulift for age 40+

Those famous Tea Tree collection

The refined Vit.C range which I think you have to try.

Top 5 skin care in their range, wait . . . haven't you noticed I kept talking about skincare? Where's the shampoo, where's the shower gels and all those perfumes? This event is all about skincare, and a bit of make up too, conclusion:  It's all about facial skin.

First, do a skin check, by doing so you'll get ideas which products suits you.

Then deep analyze your skin, first I'm trying on my hand

to get the idea of how it work.

Then on my face, which later on I find out the area that I need to pay more attention is eye's zone @__@ okie dokie! I'll definitely put more attention on them.

Then, let's go to the TREATMENT area where anyone can also enjoy FREE mini facial

The ambiance is relaxed and it's just nice, no one can resist a free mini relaxing facial with massaging technique too that's too good to be missed, have I mention the treatment start from 10 AM till around 9 PM, oh those dedicated hands, kudos girls!

After I have mine, which is sleep inducing heehee, I went along and get my makeup done.

By last year's champion  Mr. Andika, his makeup is flawless, light, and let's just say no wonder he is a winner.

After enjoying all those freebies now it's time to get educated. My Ilya are on the stage.

Then the doctor is in the house, Dr. Dewi, aesthetic dept ^__^ given the guess medical side of how to take care your skin better.

Then the beauty class where you can try TBS facial products and makeup too. Yes, as always prizes to be won, so make sure you did a good job there and pay attention.

So? What are you waiting for? Come and enjoy those wonderful promo, freebies, treatment, consultation, special performace (Tangga - 1 Oct 2011, BubuGiri - 2 Oct 2011) and yes, many more.

More info for Beauty Class Program contact TBS SenCi: 021-72781119

And enjoy!

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