Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Kiehl's have Landed in Grand Indonesia

On Sunday, as I stroll along the Seibu in Grand Indonesia, I'm happy to bumped into familiar faces of the smiling products of Kiehl's but none of the KCR's was around.

So I took the liberty of taking pics and browsing for a while. Do you see that cute tote bag and the notebook? Yes! It's what you get for a certain amounts of purchasing in the celebration of 160th Kiehl's Anniversary. Wow! They've been around that long.

So, don't forget when you're in Grand Indonesia, check out Kiehl's at Seibu and have a smiling skin afterwards.


  1. oucchh...mahal ya Khiels itu..T_T


  2. hi Elrica,

    well it depends which point of view you're looking at it and it's personal too ^__^ they are definitely not in the cheap/budget range haha, but still reasonable.

  3. Dear Carnellin,
    talking about Kiehls' price, do you know the range of price? I never went to any Kiehls store or maybe I went but I forgot the moment because I was younger... :P , and I'd like to know the price range. :) Thanks a bunch!

  4. Hi Ningrum,

    Their price start from around Rp.170k for the deo but the skincare line is around 300k to around 800k (depends on sizes too), but best of all, you can always ask for samples and I also put emphasis on it. why? For me they are definitely not cheap, so you need to be sure whether the product is really suitable for you. each sample can be used up to 3 days, so pretty much you can see the reaction of your body.

    They have varieties of range that can be mixed and match, do visit their store, talk to the staff (KCR's) and consult, no worries, they completely understand if you want some samples first (that's the beauty of Kiehl's).