Monday, September 26, 2011

Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced and Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist

Hi there ladies ^__^,

Today I'll be talking about hair style and for quite some time I've been goo goo gaa gaa over Korean drama, see the ladies and can't help but wonder about their super sexy waves. From the girls band to the heroine on movies, they all have gorgeous locks. Try to change the channel and I'll be facing other trend which is a super smooth hair that glide on their shoulders of all the Japanese gals. Definitely a look that impress all the audience.

The thing is changing one's look need a courage, I know I did, but so far, as long as it was done with a pro, it always turns out great. Like my previous INOA's experience, click ---> HERE. After consultation the stylist in Irwan Team really help me out in finding the right tone. Well, with L'Oreal Professionnel, you'll always get a high quality products too. So it take two to tango ^___^ great product and service from the saloon.

Now let me tell you about Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced which is a curling process for a natural curly look that loose. Unlike the normal curling process we know which is intense, Korean Wave are relaxed and softer.

Using Dual Technology of Dulcia Tonika and Dulcia Vital the main ingredients in Dulcia Advanced are:
a. Stronger Ionene G so the curls last longer, softer and healthier.
b. Most Filter  for a more define and better curls.

Using direct technique where Dulcia Advanced Creme are used before rolling the hairs. Different rolling methods and rotto, which is smaller. And yes, L'Oreal Professionnel Indonesia are developing Korean Wave with the help of the experts in Korea.

Now, let's talk about Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist:

X-Tenso Moisturist is a product that help creating a smoother, softer, silkier hair texture and far from frizzy. Nutri-cationic technology and Anti Breakage System which is a mixture of Cationic and Emollients plus softener wax (for hair nutrition too). Polimer Cationic as an active molecule that helps styling , fixing, plus protect the hair strands through the Anti Breakage System which protects the hair health during the process.  

X-Tenso Moisturist are available in 4 range of style according to one's need and hair condition: Natural for Normal Hair, Sensitized for sensitive hair, Natural Resistant for resistant hair, and Very Resistant for a very resistant hair.

This time 3 new services are Japanese Smooth, Japanese Volume and Natural Smooth are presented by X-Tenso Moisturist.

Japanese Smooth will deliver smooth straight look like a Japanese ladies, Japanese Volume for a natural straight hair with volume, and Natural Smooth to reduce the hair volume without changing the hair's natural structure.

They are interesting isn't it? Which look you want to try? If let's say you can try one makeover from INOA hair color, Korean Wave by Dulcia Advanced, or Japanese Smoothing by X-Tenso Moisturist, which one you'll choose?

Be my followers and comment below because 3 lucky followers will get their makeover sponsored by L'Oreal Professionnel plus hampers to bring home.

There will be an official post for the "Makeover Projects" but first, I need convincing ^___^ so be my followers and comment now!


  1. omo omo omo.... i want it!!!
    but i'm still confuse which 1 that i want to choose,so i want to ask
    i have oily hair, so which 1 that will look good for me? cause i think, if i choose japanese choose, i'm affrad that it'll look more flat, n make my hair look like "bad hair day" it's annoying right?!
    or i can ask to the hairstylist so he/she can choose the good 1 for me?

  2. Japanese Volume is great then! Still got the volume for a straighter look ^__^

  3. how bout korean wave?! is that suit for me? arrrggghhhh confuse..

  4. i always wanna try coloring or make over my hair, either is curling or smoothing. but i'm affraid it will break my hair. my hair is kinda strange, it's really wavy on the outside but inside are quite straight.. somehow, the wavy hair makes me really stressed out because it really makes my hair looks really dry! i just wonder what to do, is it to make it all wavy, or make it straight?? i don't know which is suit me.. what do you think?? the korean wave in here doesn't make hair looks dry right??

  5. Leazzz and Silph05,

    No worries about the after effect, just choose the style you want, either it Korean Wave or Japanese Smoothing, both will help your hair looks gorgeous as long as it is done with a pro using L'Oreal Professionnel, and in your part, do take care your hair afterward using the correct treatment product for daily use. You'll be fab every single day ^__^

  6. dulcia advance is the worst lotion ever does not hold curl for more than a couple of week avoid if you do not want to waste your money. salon owner