Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mousse Volumactive - Kerastase Resistance

I've tried many leave in before, from oils serums, water mixed with oils, vitamin water, cream, and I've used many mousse, gel, spray for adding volume too, but non of them even compared to Mousse Volumactive in terms of function and practicality. In short, it works!

First, let see the details from

Hair has added strength and substance, with flexible hold and blow-dry protection. Hair is left with full, long-lasting volume. Style is protected with an anti-static effect.

Apply 2-4 puffs to towel-dried hair. Massage through from roots to ends. Comb through and style as usual. Do not rinse.

The AMPLI-CIMENT COMPLEX combines Vita-Ciment® Complex with contouring polymers for fullness, protection and shine. Imperceptible micro-particles allow strands to hook into each other during the styling process resulting in added fullness and control.

This is the mousse, soft, fluffy, and so fragrant. When they touched my hairs it's all turns to disappear and leave no residue whatsoever. Superb! Most volumizer will be sticky or worst, heavy and creating a limp hair and looks oily. Other leave in can give shine but also adding weight to the hair. Mousse Volumactive gives protection to the hair from blow dryer, gives shine and softness to my hair, whilst in the same time volume that speaks body and fullness. It is definitely one of my favorite items of all time.

My verdict: You'll love the soft and light mousse, juicy scent, and what it did to your hair. Full bounce and protection in one go. Practical and useful. Once you've tried it, will be difficult not to use it again.