Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Evian Brumisateur Facial Spray

Hello lovelies,

this particular item in a no brainer in terms of being well known and fully functional. From health, comfort to beauty, the brumisateur has won hearts from all over the world. Hydration, soothing, refreshing, cooling, are just amongst the why we are using it.

Personally, Ive been using it for the whole family. In humid climate, the product provide a clean and cooling comfort for the sweating skin, wipe it off with a clean tissue and the skin are back to life. The pores that has been clogged are happy again.

In dry air like inside an aircon room for long period of time, the facial spray hydrates the skin with no fuss nor frills. Just happy pleasant light comforting h20.


The pump also produce smaller particles so the skin doesn't get drenched but nicely sprayed. It is perfect when using makeup, the skin gets a cool hydration without the mess. The brand also have a version for babies, I hope someday I can try it on.


Here's how I've been using it all these time, perhaps it will inspire you or maybe you have your own way of using it? Share with me on the comment below ya ^__^

I've been using it as a toner, skin softener, when it is hot and as a skin cooler, refresh the hair and body, for the whole family too, as a body toner where I'm using it before a body butter so it doesn't feel so thick, as a makeup setter for a more natural look.

As the product is small enough to be carried around in a purse or shoulder bag has added another bonus point as well.


  1. can guy use it? hehehe

  2. i got a mix feeling when i want to buy evian and avene facial spray.
    is evian good enough?
    thanks :)

  3. depends on your needs, Evian is more to everyone while avene is more to the sensitive skin. But overall, it's just a personal preference.