Monday, June 30, 2014

Gula Co Yummy Lip Scrub

Hello everyone,

Some time ago one of an online shop contacted me and offers some lip scrub made from all natural ingredients, here are some information regarding the products:

Yummy Lip Scrub
Terdiri dari 5 Varian :
🍯 Honey
🍵 Ocha
🍫 Cocoa
☕️ Coffee
🍓 Strawberry

Tanpa bahan yang berbahaya, tanpa pewarna, RISK FREE.
Melembabkan, mencerahkan, antioksidan, mengangkat sel kulit mati di bibir, dll.

Fungsinya :
Yummy Lip Scrub
🍯 Mengangkat sel kulit mati
🍯 Mencerahkan warna kulit bibir
🍯 Menghaluskan kulit bibir
🍯 Melembabkan
🍯 Antibakterial
🍯 Antioksidan
🍯 Kissable

Cara Pemakaian Yummy Lip Scrub
- Oleskan secukupnya Lib Scrub ke bibir atas, samping, bawah dengan gerakan memutar secara perlahan (jangan terlalu lama)
- Bilas dengan air / bersihkan dengan handuk hangat atau tissue / jilat sisa scrubnya.

Harga Normal : 30.000

BBM : 28399712
WA : 082211888292


Without doubt I'm eager to try the products the minute she mentioned that the products is all natural. I meant hello, nowadays almost everything contain unwanted chemicals, ingredients that might not be necessary but most companies has to put inside, maybe due to the fact that they have to extend the expired date or preserving the ingredients from oxidation. Still thou', those 'ingredients' wont do us good, so every time there's a chance I can use all natural ingredients, I'll try it.


From the 5 variants available, I'm given a chance to try three of them, Ocha, Strawberry and Coffee.

The packaging is quite neat, transparent and simple. It shows everything inside, hmm perhaps this is how the maker tells us that they hide nothing behind. Just simple sugar and added natural ingredients for added benefits.


Guess who also get very excited in trying them? My daughter, after opening the wrappers she immediately claimed that the pink one is hers. So she tried the Strawberry and I'm with Ocha and Coffee.

The natural ingredients has their own individual benefits, you can read them at the end of the post, and that is also the reasons why it's not the same as going to the kitchen and scrub your lips with conventional sugar.


After following the instruction of scrubbing the lips, licked it off and then use a lip balm, her lips looks so different, they are much smoother, moist and healthier compared than before. And as a mom, I'm glad that she can benefit from this product and rest assure she only use all natural ingredients.


Above is me trying on Ocha, the sugars are rough at first but melts gradually, taste so sweet (duh, sugar) and the ocha is fragrant too. Each of the products smells exactly like described.

Below are the details of the Strawberry, Ocha and Coffee variant.


And it only last a month since it contain REAL strawberry in it, yums!

Oh, those who are fasting please refrain yourself from licking it, ya.


The ocha, ooh, just by smelling it I feel comfortable and peaceful, it's the complete opposite than when using coffee variant. Energetic, alive and for those who loves coffee, you'll enjoy this variant even more. Who thought that lip scrubbing routine can be this much fun.


Well there you go, my reviews on these 3 wonderful variants of the Yummy Lip Scrubs.

Thank you Pretty Recipe.

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