Saturday, June 28, 2014

Elianto Green Tea Lip & Eye Make-up Remover

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I'm back again with more item from Elianto. This is their make up remover, lip and eye makeup remover. So it is made to remove makeup made for the eyes and lips, such as, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, and so on.


Details from
Gently, yet effectively removes waterproof and long-wearing lip and eye make-up. Formulated with Deep Sea Water, it purifies skin by drawing out oil and impurities, while infusing skin with hydrating minerals, leaving it clean, clear and supple.
USP : Water Proof Make Up
Usage : Shake well and apply a small amount to cotton pad and gently wipe off make-up


Like said, shake it well before usage so the two elements become one cloudy cleanser. Use a cotton pad and dab it with the solution. Gently pat it on the area need to be cleaned, for hard core waterproof products it is best to let it 'sip' for a while and breaks the chain of particles before wiping it off. I find the product do the job well, but I didn't feel any extra benefit like mention above, the deep sea properties and it's hydrating abilities since I still have to double cleanse the product with a cleansing foam afterwards to remove the oily residue.


Here's the demo on the swatches made with lipstick, lip gloss, lip and cheek stain, eye liner, mascara, and ink liner. Everything comes off nicely except for the lip and cheek stain, there are still stain left deep within the skin.


it is a good lip and eye makeup remover but wont be able to clean the stain completely from the lips.

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