Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sea Breeze Natural +Aid For The Body, Body Soap in Splash Marine

Hello everyone,

In terms of innovation, I guess we can all rely on Japan for being quirky yet practical. For siure, one brand called Sea breeze has the whole series for the summer. As the summer can be quite hot in Japan, it's a relevant product to be used in Jakarta. 

I do have their spray in other variant before, now, I'm trying the Body Soap in Splash Marine. 

The light clear gel lathered easily and feels so smooth on the skin. At first, there's no cooling sensation. The fresh marine inspired scent is wonderful and refreshing, then around 3-5 minutes the skin will start feel the breeze, with every minute pass the coolness will become like an icy cool, it is like a very addictive sensation against the heat and humidity outside. 

When rinsing, the room temperature water feels like they are a fresh spring water from the mountain, so cold and comforting. It is a great way to beat the summer heat for sure or for us in Jakarta, to beat the daily mugginess. 

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