Friday, May 30, 2014

GlamGlow BrightMud

Hi lovelies!!

By this time I think almost everyone knows about GlamGlow, at least heard about the products. The considered new company where Glenn and Shannon are the founders has been providing Hollywood masks with instant result they need for the red carpet.

From one mask called GlamGlow YouthMud, now they kept on developing new products, like the BrightMud. A mask made for the eyes.


I've shared my review on this particular product around 2 months ago (HERE) when Glenn and Shannon are in Jakarta, we managed to do a video together and they've shared their enthusiasm on their products for Indonesian market (HERE).


And for that, I share the same enthusiasm for BrightMud for the whole family, below are me and my family using BrightMud, let's witness the effect of the eye mask on each of us.


Same usage method on all of us, clean the are, tap the product under the eye or on the eye bag zone. Wipe them off after 3 minute flat.


On me, the fine lines instantly gone. The eyes look refreshed and the slightly darkness diminished as well. Puffiness? What puffiness. Perfect for a mom who lacks of sleep and want to take some selfies ^__^


On hubby. A hard working dad. Fine lines? Gone! Saggy eye bag? Reduced, darkness? Replaced with a brighter looking skin under the eyes.


My lil' brother. An avid insomniac.
Fine lines? Reduced, eye bags? Reduced, darkness? Also reduced.


An Aging mom.
Wrinkle reduced, fine lines reduced, eye bags or puffy eyes reduced. 
Looks younger.


An aging dad.
Fine lines reduced, eye bags almost gone, eyes look revitalized. 


A 20 somethin' sister.
Reduced eye bags, puffiness and bye bye fine lines in a jiffy.

6 different people, all with positive results ^__^
During usage: Some experience tingling kinda minty sensation, while some only feels refreshed.

Thank you GlamGlow Indonesia!


  1. Aah ngefek bgt!! Kelihatan bgt bedany before-after. Totally worthed yaa walaupun harganya mahal ^_^

  2. waaaa, hasilnya bagus banget >.< kalau boleh bantu diinfo, harganya berapaan ya Nel? thank you

  3. Hi Winda,

    Kalau engga salah harganya sekitar 750k.

    1. berarti sama dengan produk glam glow lainnya ya IDR 780 :) thank you udah diinfo ^_~