Monday, May 5, 2014

Week 4 Let Us Change Your Skin with Kiehl's

Hello everyone, 

Finally, this is my final week with "Let Us Change Your Skin" campaign with Kiehl's. My fourth week has been ups and downs with many events and all the things happening in my life, but for my skin, it's going up all the way. Thanks to Kiehl's for keeping my skin in tip top condition. The hydration level is maintain in an optimal level, the lines are relaxed thanks to PSLRC, the skin overal condition is protected from the sun, and the cleanliness and turnover is kept well by the cleanser and scrub. Not to forget the lovely toner that is pampering and moisturizing as well. 

I've been sharing highlights on Kiehl's products over these past few weeks, please do check out my late posts on Kiehl's, some of them are even the best sellers around the world, I'm talking about Ultra Facial Cream and Powerful Strength Line Reducing Complex. These two babies works really well, in fact all of Kiehl's products works really well altogether and we can easily mix and match according to our needs. So we may use a cleanser, toner, moisturizer, all from different range, which means, it doesn't mean one must use Ultra Facial products as a set. 

Here's Ultra Facial Toner, one of the most compatible product I've used. The comforting properties is wonderful, perhaps its due to the ingredients and pH balanced too. It helps the skin to stay moist and ready for the next step, after all the skin will be able to absorb more nutrients if it's damped. 

And here it is, my skin in it's fourth week with Kiehl's. Every side looks moist and well hydrated. Comfortable and calm too. I enjoyed the relaxed lines, the skin looks like it doesn't age during these weeks, like they are staying in their comfort zone, even thou' it has been one of my most stressed and exhausted weeks due to the new member of my family. 

So overall, Kiehl's has changed my skin into a better condition, more hydrated, plumped and comfortable due to the moisture and hydration Ultra Facial series gave me. The cleanser and exfoliating properties from the scrub helps other products to be absorbed on the skin and therefor more hydration achieved. The sun screen provide a well coverage protection against the sun for a long wear too. It helps the skin condition from the bad effects of the sun. Which means it help the skin to retain water. PSLRC with high vitamin C and other ingredients made the skin radiant and have better texture. 

Thank you Kiehl's Indonesia and you reading the post, don't forget, you too can still participate in the campaign and let Kiehl's change your skin!

Psst! My LUCYS campaign with Kiehl's week per week may be over, but please do stay tune as I'll bring more of Kiehl's products to you.

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