Friday, May 23, 2014

Face and Body Soap Bars from The Soap Corner by Moporie (Blackberry &Raspberry Soap, Avocado Cocoa Facial Bar, and Strawberry amilk & HoneySoap)

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heehee, I know, I know, there's a lot of posts about The Soap Corner by Moporie lately. Beauty bloggers are not just reviewing but raving it. One thing for sure, we all love the fact that it's paraben and SLS free. Other reasons? Well, you have to read their blogs to find out more. In the meantime, here's mine.


I've shared on my previous posts regarding their Lavender Milk and Butterfly Flower soaps, and my recent post on their brush cleanser. The soaps I've reviewed before doesn't get much raves from me due to the faint scent, yup, I'm a big scent-addict. Although, the soaps might suits those who like their soaps with the mild scent. It is after all, a personal preference.

Regarding the brush cleanser? I love it! It is simple, effective and best of all, skin friendly, because some brush cleaner are not friendly to our skin, so after washing the brushes, we need to wash our hands thoroughly to remove residue or parts of ingredients from the cleanser from our skin as it gives the skin discomfort or even skin problem later on.

Now, in this post, I'll share about two body soaps and one facial soap.


Each of them have the same basic ingredients. And then separate ingredients is added to create variant. The first one that really catches my attention is The Blackberry & Raspberry soap, for it's lovely fruity scent that definitely stronger than all of the soaps given to me.


Then, it was the facial soap, The Avocado Cocoa Facial Soap, for the yucky brownish color and I just want to know how it goes on the skin. I suppose it helps with the moisture since it contains avocado and cocoa.

It is easily lathered, like the rest of the soaps, but to create that fluffy dense foam is not easy, even with a net. So I have to go with a slightly runny lather. The feeling on the skin is definitely smooth, the cleansing ability is moderate as in, it can not clean makeup nor sunscreen. Since the foam is not as fluffy as I want it  to be, I have to massage the skin well to get them clean. The after effect is a soft skin away from dryness. I think that's the highlight for this facial soap, it doesn't stripe off the skin's moisture. Suitable for those with dry and sensitive skin condition as in it is mild, no paraben, no SLS, gentle to the skin and even adding moisture to the skin.


Above is the Strawberry & Milk Honey, yums! Haha, I wish the smell is stronger than this, I imagine it would be like strawberry milkshake. I think this one is my family favorite. The tri-colors are cute, the effect on the skin is indeed lovely (hello, it's honey and milk), it cleans the skin well from daily debris, no irritation, no discomfort and just pure pleasure.

The only problem, well, actually with all of their soaps is that, it get mushy easily. I think it is best to get a soap dish and put it outside the bathroom, away from humidity to keep their shape as a bar, as in soon their become like a jelly. 


And the glittery one? It's the Blackberry & Raspberry soap, the smell is vividly juicy, but it doesn't last long, I say 15 minutes after shower time is over.

The sparkles are cute, but my daughter dislike it for being rough, I guess it's just her opinion since I feel nothing (blame my thick skin).


(Avocado Cocoa Facial Soap from above)

I guess that's it, my reviews on some of the soaps from The Soap Corner by Moporie. Don't forget to check out on their site and get yourself some as well. They have a wide variety of natural soaps and I really like the fact that it can get as personalized as possible. We can ask them to put the scent that we want and how strong it is.

Thank you.

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