Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Soap Corner By Moporie - Brush Best Friend

Hello beauty enthusiasts, 

The Soap Corner some time ago sent me some of their products, this Brush Best Friend is one of it. A product that made simply for cleaning the makeup kit such as brushes and sponges. 

Usually I used just about anything I can find, from pricey brush cleanser to the stuff I found at home. This one is definitely a winner for being budget friendly, smells really good, gentle for brushes, and one more thing, kind to our hands. Yes, some brush cleanser may contain harsh chemical that damages the skin, ouch!

I pour around 1 tablespoon and add some water to it.

Gently mixed them up with the brush and all the makeups are coming off in the water. It's so easy and fast too. When rinsed, the soap also runs off well without leaving anything behind, just a clean and happy brushes.

Air dry the brushes and ta da! They are ready for re-use. No stiffness, just my soft lovely brush back.

Conclusions: Brush Best Friend helps clean the makeup brushes really well without damaging the bristles. The friendly formula also kind to our skin when touched. Easily lathered on, easily rinsed off. A real easy and friendly product after all. No paraben and no SLS too.

Thank you The Soap Corner By Moporie.

More info provided by,
  • Brush Best Friend Soap has friendly price for your wallet : IDR 40.000/60ml
  • Karena BBFs ini aku yang buat sendiri (handmade) maka bila ada yang "kurang" suka dengan campuran essential oil-nya, bisa request unscented (tanpa pewangi), wangi essential oil yang di mau atau bisa juga dengan fragrance oil (tentunya dengan memakai FO maka BBFs tersebut tidak lagi dapat disebut natural karena FO adalah pewangi sintetik - tanpa mengurangi kemampuan BBFs untuk membersihkan brush dan sponge) - special request ganti pewangi ada additional cost ya

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