Friday, May 2, 2014

Introducing New Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus

Hello everyone,

Clinique has recently launched a new and improved Repairwear Laser Focus. I don't see the reason why since the precedent already so good and loved, I guess Clinique always aims for something better than good.


Details from

Delivers 63% of the visible wrinkle improvement of a dermatological laser procedure at 12 weeks. Not a laser, of course. But impressive results.

New ingredients deliver twice the smoothing as before, remarkably refining skin's texture.


Contain powerful ingredients that offer results in a matter of weeks. I know you can read more of them since they are everywhere in the magazine, but let me share with you something from another perspective, the comparison to the previous Repairwear Laser Focus. Not to put fingers on any parties (old vs new) but only to highlight the benefit of the new version.


Both has the same name, the previous version is wrinkle & photo damage corrector and the new one offer smooth, restores, and corrects.


Still helping to repair sun damage, reducing lines and wrinkles, one with radiance and the other for the glow.


Same innovative container with pipet. Same bottle form, color, shade, and design.


But there's a differences in the texture. The previous is runnier and felt more slippery while the new one has a texture that lighter and in terms of penetrating the skin, better and faster. With the naked eye the new one appears whiter and the previous looks more cloudier.

Both does accepted by the skin but in terms of timing, the new one absorbed faster and left almost nothing behind.


Stay tune as I'll make a review on another post on using the product for a month.

Thank you Clinique Indonesia.

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