Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sebamed Baby Bubble Bath, Care Cream and Baby Lotion

Hello everyone,

how are you today? I hope everyone (in Jakarta and Tangerang) able to enjoy the electricity today ya, as yesterday was quite a dreadful day for me, it was awful, 9 hours without TV is still okay, 9 hours without lights is still somewhat bearable with candles around, but without air conditioner? It was difficult. Jakarta is very hot and humid. These conditions are unmerciful. It has become a necessities and no longer just a comfort addition in our life.

When does a comfort become a necessity? When health has been involved. Same things with these three items from Sebamed. Baby's skin is so sensitive, chemicals from common products we see in the market may harm them, their skin need protection as much as they do. Some newborns that have to go through light therapy need a better care for their skin is drying and may exfoliate as the side effect. A right product that can help ease the discomfort and help retain the skin's condition.

Below are products that may help the newborn skin.


The Baby Bubble Bath, may be used as a top to toe product that cleanse and gently pampers the bundle of joy with a nice pleasing scent. The formula is kind enough for the delicate skin, the bubbles and/or lathering effect is pleasant as well.


The Care Cream is used on areas such as nappy, underarm, neck, and other where the skin is folded or less exposed by air.

The thick white cream protects the skin from diaper rash and other kind of skin discomfort that usually happens in babies. The areas which is humid may cause some redness and itchy as well. The cream provide a protection on the skin's upper layer and provide long lasting (until the next bath or tomorrow) comfort. For me it is better to maintain than treat, so I use it regularly to keep those areas safe and sound.

The cream may be used as a treatment as well when the rashes already happen.


The light white lotion is suitable for babies and those hands caring the baby as well. As I am aware, products that I'm using may transfers to the baby as well. On me, the lotion gives a wonderful hydrating effect without any greasiness. For the baby, it help heals the skin from the side effect of the light therapy and the skin appears less irritated and far more hydrated. It gives the skin a better resistance and strength against dryness hence less irritation occurs.

The lotion gives a daily moisture to the skin, but again, we may use only as needed. I know for sure in Indonesia we put a lot of products on babies, from Telon oil, talcum powder to lotions and cologne. Take note that some may be not good for the babies. Talc for example may be inhaled by them. Please do use corn starch instead when needed, again, the key is only when needed.


  1. where can i get this products ?

  2. Hi amourpixie,

    at most pharmacy like Guardian and Century (Indonesia). Or major supermarkets.