Monday, May 26, 2014

Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream

Hi lovelies,

I bet all of you BB Cream fanatics have heard Skin79 as one of the leading brand providing beauty lovers their BB Cream. Their range varies almost from A to Z, from the one that gives natural look, whitening, brightening, anti aging, mattefying, add moisture or dewy look, and still many more.

This time with BonBonCosme, I'll share my review on skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream.


This Super Premium Enhanced Formula made with French Organic Roses and quality plant extracts with High Mineral SPF 43 PA+++ is suitable for even the most sensitive skins, provides excellent moisture and does not clog pores. This formula is totally different and upgraded from the usual Skin79 BB Cream sold in the market now. This justifies the higher cost than the usual Skin79 BB Creams

Current selling price in Rp. 341.000


After reading the details I was really interested in trying the product, look at it, lightweight, provide moisture balance, anti aging, protection from UVA and UVB, and hmm, whitening, not a fan of a whitening product, but hey, some of you may look for it ^__<


After finished reading, reading and reading all the details, here it is, I'm trying them on the skin.


First, a swatch on my hand, a clear view of the before after, the skin appears fairer, the pores are covered, smooth and looks soft. The fine lines also looks gone under the BB Cream.

Now, after seeing the result on my hand, I use the BB Cream on my face.


Instantly, the spots, lines, uneven skin tone are disappearing, this is nice! I also really enjoy the lovely Damask Rose scent, it is so good and comforting, whats more, the BB Cream texture is light hence easily blend on the skin. I hate a BB Cream that feels thick and too rich on the skin, Skin79 Dear Rose BB Cream is far from thick and rich. it is smooth, light and the finish is velvety on the skin without the over drying effect.

The skin instantly look fairer and younger too since the fine lines looks reduced.

The covering effect is medium to high, if anyone needs a high coverage just build it up another layer and imperfections will be hidden nicely.

On me the Dear Rose BB Cream last around 6 hours, it depends on the makeup products used afterward, personal activity, and environment as well.


Tips: Use a loose powder for a natural look or compact powder for higher coverage. Use all skincare before the BB Cream and then makeup with adequate time in between (let the skincare goes absorbed before using the BB Cream and let the BB Cream set before using makeup afterwards.)
Clean them well by using cleansing oil or a good makeup remover.

Thank you


  1. waaaa, packagingnya kereen, out the box :) ga kayak bb cream lain yang tube hehehe ^_~ great review as always Nelin :)

    The Journey

  2. Iya Winda, unik ya, dan aroma rosenya itu loh, irresistible.

  3. suka packagingnya !
    so unique and cute !
    ada gambar rose nya pula..